Aeria. Just admit that you don't care about this game anymore.

  • Said the guy who plays on the private servers of the same"dead game".

    Official is dead for me

    Reason: Only Sword Community, Enchants & Esper are a annoying and lastly competitive side is dead

    Private Servers i am in provide a balanced game ( No AP, Esper, Echants ) and there are a lot of competitive players.

    We even host our own tournaments on Twitch with viewers exceeding 100 +

    Keep enjoying these drawing events and ( Kill a GM event )

  • I have s4 followed on twitch and the only time the game gets views is when something on a pserver is streamed lol. When some one streams official they pull like 5 viewers max.

    I will never play a pserver cuz i just dont care about s4 like that but i wouldnt be shocked if pservers will have a larger population than offical in a few months, if they dont already.

  • >s4

    >twicth views

    Pick one. no one who plays s4 cares about twicth. The game didn't grow with twicth and it will never be twitch material anyway (not for old players at least)

  • I had already seen them in the list, to whom I see more connected are Heiliger and Evendora, they are the ones I see most active here.


    The world will not be destroyed by those who harm, but by those who see and do nothing. :*

  • Let's not judge their activity though. From my experience, the GM Team is exponationally more active in the internal chats, to discuess with CMs about eventrewards and try to get the community better items etc., which doesn't always work (peeks at the advent calendar), or talk about what shall be important for the future.
    They pick up the feedback of the community and give the essence of it through to the CMs.

    Just a small hint on what is going on in the team.

    And if a CM/GM is reading this: Yes I can tell that stuff, cause it's no actual information!