St. Patrick's Death Match

  • why not implement an event system where it checks your playtime in game and receive rewards from there as a permanent feature?if its possible add an event timer/event bar in game dat would be nice so we dont need to go to forums/discord or anywhere else and get confused.

    just a suggestion :3

    There was an event like that, was a seasonal event, in Halloween. You had to play Chaser and in the lower left area of the screen there was a lollipop counter

  • yes but i want every event to be like that so players can get rewards without having actual human beings to check the players one by one

    I think they do that only for the forum events/gs hunt.

    It woudl be impossible to send the rewards from the weekly events to all players manually.

  • well it could be possible if they had a system made for it, just like the daily reward for logging in everyday

    i seen a couple games with similar systems

    but then again how are rewards distributed like the person above me asked

  • sadly, I'm not allowed to explain the whole process but the weekend events work with half automated processes and the GS entries and forum entries have to be sorted out manually. This is all I can say about it. Regarding events where we distribute codes, this might be something for the future again.

    For these kind of discussions, I suggest you to make a separate thread or reply on the already existing thread from Xane .

    If possible, I wanna keep this thread event related as possible, even though it's over

  • By weekend evenst do you mean the GS hunt or the event like the st Patric one (since you have mentioned GS and forum entries)

    Ah sry, I was referring to the weekend events like St. Patric.

    Other events where players need to submit something take a longer time to evaluate before it reaches the point to send the rewards. Especially hard is it when individual rewards need to be sent, since they are pretty time consuming. One good example for that was last advent calendar event for all those that have unlocked everything till last door