S4 League Halloween: Bewitched by Alice Baby Virus *WINNERS*

  • The winners have been chosen for the Bewitched by Alice Baby Virus contest!

    The first place goes to...


    Once upon a time.. There was a Community Manager called Scragger, A couple days before Halloween, Scragger decided to go on a vacation with Alice, the Baby Virus.


    Halloween arrived but, Scragger and Alice baby Virus were missing, they did NOT come back from the vacation! People were looking for them but they had no clues. Tamino was walking around and all of the sudden he found a big note on the floor!


    Tamino went to Scragger's vacation place and he saw a couple pumpkins. he then remembered the note "I've got that pumpkin with the..." He looked at the pumpkins and then he saw a familiar pumpkin..!


    It was the S4 League Logo with an arrow above it! Tamino followed the Arrow and you guys won't believe what he found... That's right! he found Scragger and Alice surrounded by a lot of Pumpkins, ready to be used for Halloween!


    He was so happy to see them but more than that, he was super happy to see all the Pumpkins they made for Halloween!! They went back home and made even more pumpkins together, and they had the best Halloween together!!!!


    You won a 30x G's Capsules of choice!

    The second place goes to...


    Scragger, the CManager started off his journey with his serious face at the S4 Headquarters.


    It was early, Scragger was in the middle of writing a letter, when Alice and other friends came up to him, asking him to go to the cinema in the real world to take a bit stress off..

    Scragger, as the man he is said that he has a lot of work to do, but later decided to join and work later again. He took the letter with him in case he's got time.

    Scragger, Alice, Rabbit and so on were all watching their favorite movie, S4 Chaser's Revenge, where of course the worst moment got captured, as always!


    1-2 Hours after of being in the cinema, they went to their favorite pumpkin patch. Scragger needed a few pumpkins for Halloween's night, he had a magic pocket in which he could store a few pumpkins.


    Suddenly, Iron workers appeared, a hatred archenemy and a multi million dollar company who captured Scragger!

    As Scragger tried to run away he wrote something on the letter and left it behind. Rabbit took it and ran away.


    Scragger woke up in a forest, dizzy, not knowing where he was or what happened to him when he was questioned about the secrets of the enchants, powerful tools which Iron was seeking for.

    He wasn't very cooperative and as time went by, they threatened to harm baby Alice.


    Rabbit, which could escape from Iron ran straight to Tamino, where he explained everything of what happened at the pumpkin patch. The letter said: “I’ve got that pumpkin with the … yellowish looking...” the rest was unreadable.


    Tamino sent Rabbit and one of his strong Minions as fast as they could to the patch, looking for a yellowish-weird looking pumpkin and finally found him. A direction was craved into the top of the pumpkin's head. The Minion and Rabbit followed the arrow.


    Then they saw them. Scragger, baby Alice and Iron. Tamino gave his Minion her strongest weapon, the legendary bomb and started throwing bombs after bombs. Rabbit kept throwing ammo at the minion so he doesn't run out of bombs!


    After a few explosions, the cooperation between Rabbit and the Minion paid off and one of Iron's member fled. Exhausted at throwing ammo Rabbit had cut the rope off of Scragger. The Minion carried away Scragger as Rabbit was guarding & healing them with his weapon.


    Being back at the headquarters, Scragger was instantly brought to the S4 hospital where he was cared for. Tamino was there as well to check how Scragger was doing.

    Being in his bed, Scragger asked Tamino "Are at least all the pumpkins alright?" and both started laughing.

    The End


    The second place wins 30x G's Capsules of choice!

    The third place goes to ...


    It's Halloween today. The day of terror. Right on that day, my best friend Scragger disappeared. Tamino and I last saw him on the pumpkin field. So we started looking here first. - There were footprints on the ground, so I followed them.It's Halloween today. The day of terror. Right on that day, my best friend Scragger disappeared. Tamino and I last saw him on the pumpkin field. So we started looking here first. - There were footprints on the ground, so I followed them.


    Tamino searched in the forest, and saw a person between all the trees and the cold fog. However, he noticed that there was a door in the middle of the forest. Tamino screamed:

    "Keikeu, I think Scragger is here. We must follow him! ... and we followed him through the mysterious door.


    We walked through the door and we realized we were somewhere else. As if we were in another forest, or even in a strange world. Nearby was a small cabin and in front of it three gravestones with the inscription "SCR-AGG-ER". There was also a little girl standing in front of it. She scared us, so we avoided her and crept into the cabin.


    We were in the cabin. It looked very small from the outside and very big inside. Scragger stood right in front of us.

    Tamino: I knew it, you were the person in the forest!

    Keikeu: Um... Tamino, somehow I have the feeling that this isn't Scragger...

    Suddenly it became colder.

    Keikeu: Who is that?!

    Tamino: ?!??!?!


    Suddenly the little girl from earlier stood with us.

    Little Girl: That's enough. BACK TO HELL, ALICE!




    Tamino: Scragger, are you serious? What does the message you sent on WhatsFumbi even mean? “Tamino, I’m in a real world. Don’t search for me and I’ve got that pumpkin with the …” ??? And where is my second pumpkin with the creepy face? Furthermore, it's Halloween. We wanted to hang out. Playing video games is not "a real world". Why didn't you want me to search for you, don't you want to hang out with me? ;-;

    Scragger: ... BACK TO HELL, TAMINO!


    The third place wins 30x G's Capsules of choice!

    All valid participants will receive 1x G's Demon's Fist Capsule

    Make sure to check your dms to claim your prize!

    Thank you all for participating!