New Mode - Race / Parkour

  • Hey guys ! o/

    Last time I was talking with some of my S4 Friends and we just thought of a "racing mode" on maps that could be very hard with stats disabled (like in passmode), and you can't hit the others players (maybe you can body them, or use team jump, or other things like that, and maybe we should ban some weapons like Iron Boots, Exo or even all weap) so move speed cannot be used to win e.é

    So, first, not only this mode would be fun, but it could also help new players to master the dynamics and the gameplay of S4League. I mean, you can make different maps with harder or easier lvl.

    On the easiest ones, you will only have to make like 1 walljump to reach a spot (which is far), and if you fall you die and respawn at the beginning of the map or a checkpoint. Or just like walking on a ramp which isn't straight, or moving from platforms to others (which could move too if possible).

    There are plenty of "parkour" maps which can be made, we don't need a specific environment, like the old tutorial environment with nothing in, only white wall, empty space if you wall that kill you, ramps.

    We can also put some area where you lost your SP so you have to be faster, or make jumps without SP (Areas where you lost HP too). We can add shortcuts that are hard to take on maps.

    We can also use a chronometer to compare with our friends, other people, make a leader scoreboard on different maps. We can make that mode multiplayers on a same map and make the race with other players, I don't know yet how it will work, if you can body the other players (hitbox problems).

    But well, I think you got the idea of what I've in mind !
    I do think it can be a great mode on S4League o:


    Edit : Later, I think it could be fun to create a map editor too where players can place blocks on a map and test them but well, I think I'm dreaming a bit too much aha

  • It seems good on paper but there are some issues with it:

    -It is is just singleplayer and you are only racing for time, it will get stale pretty fast and just won't be played much.

    -If it is real time multiplayer, then a single mistake can cost you losing even if you did everything perfectly until that point.

    -It will be just a glitch fest who can chain more exploits to finish faster.

    At the end of the day, OS TD is already as parkour as you can get.

  • It can be both single and multiplayer (if it's done like I see it), there will be a loooooooooot of different maps with a loooooooooooot of different levels, so I don't think this mode will become boring so easily, people like and are addict when things are getting VERY HARD, so just make something very very hard, and there will be plenty of videos of ppl trying to finish a race, or making a top chrono, or beating their opponent's in real time multiplayer.

    What's the problem of "a single mistake can cost you losing even if..." ? It's always been like that, if you make a single mistake in TD mode, in Chaser Mode, or in any other mode, you can lose ^^', even if in TD, it can only cost you 1 TD, what if in that racing mode, you make a "tournament mode" where you'll have to play on like 10 maps, and you'll have more or less points depending on your ranking in each race.

    Yes, the best one is the one who can fastly chain hard moves/jumps to reach the next checkpoint or the end of the race. I still don't see a problem with it :/ If every maps and hitbox are well done, there won't be any weird glitch that will make you able to "cheat" or things like that.

    So I do think it's still something interesting, innovating (it doesn't look that much like OS TD mode lol x) ) in an old game like S4League that can make this game a better game and give him new possibilites, and maybe a brilliant future o: (Cf Edit : Creator mode / Editor mode to create our own maps)