If you're bored, try this. [In Game]

  • I have no idea where to put this up, I only assume creative corner because it's the only place that's "for fun" as far as I can tell.

    So... Here's an unoriginal idea. (Presumably.)sol1

    If none of y'all care, it's fine. :^)

    Mainly putting this up here so I can make it easier for me to find when I wanna use this again.

    Situations you might wanna use this:-

    Alice6"Ugh, I'm so bored. I'm too good at this game. Everyone else s*cks. I can't think of a good set to mess around with." or whatever of the sorts.Alice4

    Edit: Added TD maps because I don't want to choose one map over another when friends ask to play map x while another asks for y, other players asking for z.

    Weapon Wheel (Click Me)

    Skills Wheel (Click Me)

    Touchdown Maps Wheel (Click Me)

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  • So this is something as a room rule or something that affects only you?

    Well since it gets boring to use the same weapon everytime, might as well try something stupid. Risk of this; getting kicked by a competitive nut.

    Plus who knows? Maybe you'll get better with the weapon you never used or like the feel of it.

    They can just add a question mark button that picks a random item for you but that will probably be rarely used.

    I assume you mean the devs add in a "Random Equip" button but I'm pretty sure no one will use it. Not rarely used. No one.
    What I'm doing is just out of boredom and probably might never do again.

    (Unless I remember I made this post to save these 2 links and still bored...)