Useful Event

  • How the hell did a post about making an event (Which is long overdue.) turned into a debate about balancing?

    TL;DR (Highly doubt anyone's gonna read the long one.)


    Bring back events that gives capsules instead of just GM hunts and weekend time farming events.


    Powercreep will always exist. Wanna fix it?

    Remove it. Compensate those who have it with free AP or w/e if buffing/nerfing sh!t doesn't work.


    Pretty sure everything I wrote/typed in is stupid nonsensical white noise to you guys but f*ck it.

    I typed it all this far now, might as well look like an !d!ot anyway.

    I just want to enjoy the game as it comes.

    Like it or hate it, deal with it.

    Here's a baby(?) bat gif for your wasting your time. Presumably.

    (Side note: G'dang, the fonts, sizes and other sh!t used to type this sh!t out is inconsistent. Or maybe it's just me being inept...)