• Hi All,

    It's been a month or two since the S4 Q&A but still I haven't seen any changes or actual confirmed plans to change this game so here is my input.

    So what will the solution be? I may have found one that I use in my own work floor and that is scrum/agile method.

    What is it APM? ( Agile project methodology )

    • The project breaks a requirement into smaller pieces, which are then prioritised by the team in terms of importance.
    • The agile project promotes collaborative working, especially with the customer.
    • The agile project reflects, learns and adjusts at regular intervals to ensure that the customer is always satisfied and is provided with outcomes that result in benefits.
    • Agile methods integrate planning with execution, allowing an organisation to create a working mindset that helps a team respond effectively to changing requirements

    See below sites for more information, I can't translate much about it cause English isn't my native language, but I do think if Aeria is able to implement a APM way of working both the customers(players) and devs will go into a more prosperous future.



  • It goes without saying that a massive project such as S4 is not suited for a Waterfall methodology. Agile has become very intuitive, borderline innate to online games. As surprising as it may sound, the previous developers adopted Agile, not Waterfall.

    Now, this is not an excuse regarding the incompetence of Aeria and all the powers that may be, but just to sum things up, S4 has 99 problems and agile isn't one of them.

  • This is gonna be a bit technical for some but since you seem interested:

    I can confirm that we are not developing with a waterfall methodology.

    We are agile, we aren't strictly scrum or strictly anything to be honest.

    Right now, we've had minor and major blockers and team has also been forming up. Also, we are discovering how to do *anything* for the first time. For this reason, we are still finding our best practices.

    To be honest, it'd be impossible or very inefficient to go with scrum at the start without knowing the effort and time required for *anything*.

    However, once we feel more comfortable, scrum is indeed my ultimate goal. This is something we discussed with our lead developer early on and agreed on both sides.