S4 League 10th Anniversary Video Contest

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    Greetings Leaguers! party-popper_1f38911.png

    It will be 10 Years soon! Yes, you see it right! We are so thrilled to have you on-board for Year 10 on a S4 League! It has been an exciting ride so far and as we said before, this is just the beginning.

    And to celebrate this special day we are adding a Video contest to the Community activities!


    Create an anniversary greeting trailer or video. Entrant must submit a video of their own making. Video must be inspired by S4 League Anniversary. You may use clips of your gameplay moments or just make a pure greeting without using any ingame content or make your own content by using your art skills. You can also decide on the styling to make it more real life or image collage or gaming style… whatever comes to your like you can do anything. Just one simple rule: it must be a S4 League 10th anniversary related video.

    To give you an idea you can check this gameplay trailer made in honor of S4 League's 8th anniversary:


    1st place winner: Permanent Set/Weapon + Weapon of choice (FP or lower stats)

    2nd and 3rd place winner: Permanent Set/Weapon (FP or lower stats)

    Honorable Mentions: 15 G's Capsules of choice

    Every serious participant: Gentle Hearts Set Capsule + Rocaille Set Capsule + G's Mad Rabbit Capsule


    Follow these directions exactly to be sure you qualify!

    1.) Create a S4 League related trailer or video with the anniversary greeting! Make sure it's in a good quality, well montaged and captivating!

    2.) Minimum length: 30 seconds; Maximum length: 5 minutes.

    3.) Once you have it done, simply upload it on a YouTube* and place the link here in this thread as a reply!

    Example entry:

    In-game Name: [CM]Tamino

    Video: *Happy 10th birthday!*


    EVENT STARTS: 01/10/2018

    EVENT ENDS: 20/10/2018


    • The video must be S4 League and anniversary related.
    • Only 1 submission by participant.
    • You must post your entry in this thread.
    • * Please use accessible video hosting service - YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, etc. If those services are blocked in your country, please use a trusted hosting service to store your video.
    • The video must be public.
    • Do not plagiarize or copy another person's entry.
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
    • Nothing inappropriate!
    • Every submission to this contest can be used by Aeria Games/Gamigo group for promotional purposes.
    • The top entries will be decided by the Aeria Games/Gamigo group Team.

    Good luck!

  • Here is my entry, i know it may look a little simple, but i thought i'd make a compilation and recut of all the S4 League trailers of the past 10 years for it's 10th anniversary. The edit is subtle and if its not noticable as good then thats what i wanted to achieve, rather than put a lot of overlays and over the top effects on it. My goal was to make a summary of the trailers with a decent flow and feeling to it. It was too long though sadly with a whole 10 seasons so i had to lengthen the song a bit. Thought it was interesting though to limit myself only to the trailer footage. Theres a lot of pan and cropping effects, with subtle color corrections and speed alterations to make it feel a little more fluid and less of a recut mess with syncs to almost every cut and action on screen, sometimes i ran into limitations of original footage, especially in the framerate and quality department but yeah, not sure if thats what you were looking for but well.

    IGN: Lancuria