Instability and Lag issue

  • Hello guys ,

    Just wondering If I'm the only one having this issue , It's been like a week or so and Today it has gotten even worse.

    During this week I've been having a really unstable ms but It used to take like 30 Mins or so to occur while playing. The MS Just sparks up and everything goes way too wonky and unplayable.
    However , I have done Command prompt Ping test and I found out there's no packet loss at all and my internet connection is just stable.
    Firewall Protection is off.

    Today and after the Connection termination issue with the servers getting fixed , Everything has become much more horrendous and unsustainable. Requesting takes long , Joining rooms seems to be a little laggy and As soon as I start a game , The lag pervades.

    Any idea what's going on ? or what am i to do ? :|

  • its ddos if u know what it happened in the past its just happening again so wait till they find a fix and it will be fine again

    Hmm , ddos
    How upsetting , I'm kind of hopeless regarding '' Them finding a fix '' :x
    Thanks for your reply. :D