S4 League ​#1: Prelude

  • thought that rampant hackers were always a thing

    Back during the early days with Alaplaya they were extremely rare. But because the game is so old now, every hacker out there knows every vulnerability. It's actually better for them to create a remake after all this time than let the game keep persisting as-is.

  • There were no hackers until patch 10. The outbreak started with the addition of Chaser mode and the removal of the pen perms.

    Didn't the chaser arrive during summer? Or at least i still remember the hacker outbreak during summer of 2010, and let's not mention the one in 2011

  • Chaser was really exploitable. And while I certainly don't condone hacking... I will admit that if was actually fun to play in a hacked Chaser game sometimes. It really added to the challenge, the thrill, and the terror. Though the devs probably didn't intend for it, the Chaser virus being buffed by real hackers seriously fit the lore to a T and gave it some real seriousness, making it more enjoyable and satisfying in the runs that we actually managed to survive or even beat the hackers.

    I actually didn't have a problem with that. It was when the hackers messed with anything else that there was a problem, since the only part of the game that hackers made more fun was Chaser, nothing else.

  • Maybe the lore of this game is just hidden from us...

    It's on the wiki. And while some parts of this comic and the new in-game lore boxes "contradict" the originally established lore, it still reveals the story well, albeit a bit rushed. The only real problem I have with the comic besides the contradictions is the fact that when they took the person, I'm guessing a hacker, away from their computer, there was no VRware at all, even though S4 League in that universe is very advanced VR.