PM Letter February 2018

  • Oh, then i have a question and some answers.

    1) Does this mean that farming is legit, since the advantage you get is inexistent? ( I mean, you don't really get better gear or anything, it's just the rank)

    2) Nothing to say here, i still think BattlEye is kinda better than the last one.

    3) My suggestions for you are One Outs, Kaiji (yet the style can draw you back, the story is really good), Gantz and Inuyashiki. And if you didn't, definetively Watch JoJo's and Hokuto No Ken.

    The only good monster is the one that is dead.

    - Goblin Slayer Veteran Hunter

  • Would be easier to suggest something if I would know what genre you prefer. Well gonna give you some^^


    Bakemono no Ko

    Koe no Katachi

    No Game no Life Zero


    Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

    No Game no Life

    Kore wa Zombie Desuka?

    Great Teacher Onizuka

    Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

    Zankyou no Terror

  • Let me put it this way, because people can mean different things with farming and it's better to include all:

    If you normally play the game, all is good.

    If you reach the same outcome with a different way, it probably is not.

    You are supposed to earn PEN/XP by playing the game. AFK is not playing. Bots are not playing. If someone else plays your account, it's not you who's playing. So all these cases are problematic.

    Did I miss anything?

  • Define farming : )

    Also, I have some major Jojo fans in my friend circles, I think I'll have to watch it at some point :D

    Go watch every single season

    On top of that add some Devilman Crybaby

    On the other topic, i've never seen private farming in passwored rooms such as a bad issue neither. There are topics that are more worrying than the farming peeps.
    Maybe i simply don't care enough because i've been a 'S4' rank since a long time ago now and i can't remember exactly how long the road to level up was before. Thing is, people farming in private rooms are doing no harsh to others, the problem starts when they AFK in public matches

  • where is the pm letter of this month?

    I am looking forward to the new att and information on the removal of the block ip, if it really materializes. :)

    Karasakal said that :

    Draft finally sent!

    Edit: Meaning the CM and GM will take a look and tell me if im missing anything major, if i have big typos etc. Then we translate and publish. Or publish and translate. We'll see.

  • This week. But I can tell now, there are no (new) news about Latam countries.

    I wanted to know if it is so difficult and why it took so long to remove the block ip from the Latin region, when they banned us it was something so simple because now it is so time consuming, it seems that they are scrolling to let us enter the server, I believe it would be something simple for you but kind of like you do not want us to play on the server.

  • I would already be satisfied with the removal of the block ip, you do not have to give us support, or viabilization of language or donate, you do not have to do anything just let us play it is good enough but you are taking so much for something simple to do, I believe I .