Katana Mechanics

  • Hello again, eSpers:

    Disclaimer: I don't own any illustrations to which I will post links. I will add some content previously iterated by a few YouTubers as well as some other illustrations and examples. (Please don't sue me @_____@ I AIN'T GOT NO MONEY!) Also, some of the Japanese terms may be subject to change for the sake of accuracy to the source. One more thing, this article: O3O REAAAD IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

    Note: The control scheme is assumed to be default. For southpaw, you may have to change your controls a bit.

    LMB = Left Mouse Button; RMB = Right Mouse Button; KT = Katana; CS = Counter Sword; EXO (XO, or ES) = Exodus Scythe (I call it eXObiUS @_@ Too much Yu-Gi-Oh); PS = Plasma Sword; SD = Spy Dagger; SB = Storm Bat; MF = Metal Fists; VS = Vital Shock(formerly Nemesis Claw); TD = Touch Down; DM == Death Match;

    Today, we'll be looking at my FAVORITE weapon: The Katana. The Katana is a support weapon that works offensively or defensively. Wielders become more mobile with the ground attacks. Combined with other weapons one can execute trick hits, vault and clear obstacles, and strike longer-ranged opponents with quick and/or more powerful strikes.

    Please refer to this video for a brief look at the fundamentals. You will learn about four techniques:

    1) Iaijutsu (The four-hit cut)

    Ground Techniques Only; Can Crit; Range: Close, Frontal, Medium-to-High in height; Free-movement to fixed movement.

    2) The Tsurugi:

    Ground or Comet technique; Can Crit; Range: Close, Frontal or 360 degrees; Fixed movement.

    3) The Rasetsusen(Swirling Temple Spin):


    Air technique; Can Crit; Range: Close, Verticaln and 360 degrees; Semi-fixed movement.

    4) The Zantetsuken finisher:

    Ground or Comet technique; Can Crit*; Range: Close to Medium, Frontal (Narrow trapezoid); Semi-fixed movement.

    Once the fundamentals are learned, more advanced techniques can be further investigated.

    Thank you,


  • Good job. Would love to hear how you mastered katana and what situations you feel like it stands out. Also add some sort of evaluation where you explain its disadvantages and benefits, what to watch out for, counters, what you should be doing with the katana, what you shouldn't. Also you could mention, once your done with the analysation of the katana, what weapons you are using along with it, what combos you set up, what weapons are best to avoid, skill you recommend using, play role(style) to stick with, what enchants and chips to focus on. Good luck bud :saint:

  • It is also one of the weakest weapons in the game. It is mostly good for scoring TDs or finishing off someone.

    The only real useful attack when you are in middle of a skirmish is the jump attack. The charge attack is sooooo situational

    I would not agree with that doe, a weapon is not going to be good becuase its strong or deals powerful attacks.

    That would be for other games, when you have weapons with a lot more range in almost most of their attacks, the katana gets left behind pretty easily. Is a weapon that you can only use if you are sneakin upon someone. Otherwise you'll eat first an uppercut from the CS, a jump attack from the bat, the exo beam (or even the normal attacks which you can spam the first part of the combo) and the list goes on (That is for SO obviously)

    Making the weapon have more damage or less damage won't make it good, that's true but in this case the Katana does need a damage buff. Either that or a rework cause it actually doesn't even feel like a katana with the move set it has

  • The heavy attack is great for defending, esp on St-2 where you can easily push people off the map.

    The jump attack is great when combined with anchor.

    Other than that I rather rely on my guns for dmg.


    1) Like real life, there are different styles to KT use. There's no definitive way to mastering the Way of the Sword. If the wielder wants mobility and quick slices, the KT can help with that, If the wielder wants to stand his ground and parry incoming attacks, KT can help with that. If you want to dominate your opponents over and over, KT can help with that. Question, Neowiz ON, is your katana an Odachi (Nodachi)-style blade? For a while, it feels short on range.

    2) Always keep tabs on your SP. Lack of SP can stunt even the most skilled eSpers. If you burn too much, you can get easily stun-killed, steam-rolled, home-runned, punched-out, and/or knocked out. ?(

    3) Please make sure that the main reason you're near a wall is that you're 'gonna wall jump. Walls are frenemies. Don't hug them too long while.

    4) Did you know that you can do a 360-no-scope with the Z-finish? This is mostly inspired by the tenkan foot techniques, and we can see that in the eSper's attack animation as they use the Z-finish. Try it out, and as you do, you may find yourself increasing your camera sensitivity more often. Also, check this out!

    5) Picture yourself as KH2FM Sora with reaction commands, because that's how you WILL wind up playing, as you fight certain opponents. Eventually, you will learn how to anticipate certain movements of certain opponents with certain playstyles.

    6) Wuuut!?

    Anti-Personnel Projectiles: Don't punish yourself, find a machine gun, rifle or whatever the heck else you can muster in order to oust unlimited-mode opponents. Don't get bound. If you do then, you'd better have Metallic, Wall or Shield, a bomb (SP stun bombs work well), or a strong Z-finish on the ready. Use your blade as a means to disorient your opponents. If you take on multiple gun wielders, then dodge and strike swiftly, lest you die!

    7) Since its initial debut (around 2011 or 2012), the KT has undergone some workarounds:

    Overall, the attacks have been buffed from their initial state. I don't remember the exact multipliers, but the normal they were all relatively buffed.

    The Special attack was pseudo-buffed. Instead of having the original six hits (3 for the first and 3 for the second), the Zantetsuken finish now comprises of 2 attacks. Originally, the 3rd and 6th hits in the special had a chance of flinging the enemy, especially when it was a crit. Now, both attacks fling your opponent into the air. The Multiplier was increased to make the KT stay relevant as a dangerous blade. The timing between strikes is also fine as it is.

    8.) Given the right circumstances that include but are not limited to: enchants, eSper Chipsets, pity system (in TD), RNG, wielder's attack and HP, victim's defenses and HP; the attack can and will one-hit an opponent. The Tsurugi may also cut them down, if opponents are half-HP and banged up against the wall.

    9) (Neowiz ON, please use a combination of all or some or one of the following reworks for the KT):

    --------Originally, the Martial Arts Master and Lady's BUFFs affected the KT. It was one of the things it needed, but needed tweaking. Since 2014, it's been removed, and remaining melee weapons with charge times retain their effects from said buff including the target weapon, the TBs. As my first suggestion, I humbly ask that you please be open-minded and fair about this mechanic, and either make the effect for Twin Blades only or return the effect to the katana.

    --------Also I noticed that the TBs were given a buff in SP usage for their special attack so that "in total," they only exert 30 SP per attempt. For my second suggestion, please give one for KT as well, Neowiz ON. o_O

    --------For my third suggestion: please rework the arc swings of the blade. The attacks are too frontal with hit-boxes that do not reflect the path of the blade. I expected that if I swung my blade horizontally, then I would have a horizontal hitbox, allowing me to strike opponents strafing around my immediate proximity. Even the Z-finish needs to be revised, because the blade is arcing around the wielder before finishing what appears to be a 540-degree turn. For the Z-finish, please allow the first attack to have a wider hit-box to reflect its motion. Give it, at most, a 120-degree range than can be fixed or charged-based. For the second attack, widen the hit box on the right side, and give it an oval shape. It makes sense when one observes the movement and arc pattern of the blade. If this takes more time, then I can understand putting it later, because all the melee weapons' arcs need to be recalculated for their paths.

    --------Fourth, Please make the four-hit cut for the KT be controlled by four consecutive clicks instead of three. Sometimes for some follow-ups, the time to execute second and third hits render an input lag, especially when timing is everything.

    --------Fifth suggestion: Increase the movement speed of the KT to 120 units.

    --------As my last suggestion, Neowiz ON, please revise the semi-fixed movement system for the mid-air attack: Rasetsusen. Allow wielders to freely move left and right with the mouse as we would during a PS dash attack. The movement is already fixed, unless the wielder decides to stop the mid-air combo part-way, but the 3-phase movement of the current Rasetsusen is hampering the KT's capabilities.

    The Katana has gone through a long transformation since its beta form, and like the other weapons, it has room for growth. Ultimately, it IS up to the user to know his (her) weapon and learn from it. There's no absolute best or worst weapon. Otherwise, this game wouldn't even be worth the time from the start. S4's gameplay was That's one of the reasons why I love the vision that Pentavision saw in their work. Their newer team(s), Game ON (now Neowiz ON) Studios, tried to capture that in the last 5 years, and they had some successes and setbacks. From here, I'd love to see this game really shine & mature in these later years to come, and as usual, eSpers... SHOW ME YOUR S4!




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  • Please Understand:

    Monk's KT is good, but even that blade had things that needed to change some attacks were borrowed from other weapons, and the implementation could have been better than that. That's why we have the modern KT.

    If possible, then Monk's KT can be wrapped as a combo modifier for the current KT - one that can be activated through collections. I've seen what they can do with the purple Mach-3 Spy Dagger, so I know that it's possible.


  • Just kinda glanced over this a bit, so be a tad bit lenient. As for buffing the weapon, I don't feel like it needs any major changes. damage is good, utility is good, and unless your using it as a main weapon, you shouldn't have any issues. increasing the movement speed would be silly, since it would be the only weapon besides dagger/handgun that makes you move faster, not including FP, would upset the balance by quite a bit. and as for damage it easily chunks opponents healthbars as is, and even with a +1 you can one shot someone with the right click. Also not sure where your getting all these names for attacks from(did you make them yourself ?_?). as is, the only change i could think of it making, is so when you do a simple L click and slide away from someone, it updates your location properly so you dodge when it looks like you've dodged. granted this could be due to lag, but still. Other than that i think the focus should be elsewhere.

    things such as:

    Fixing the dagger's "exploit" of w and right click. basically ignoring the pathetic cooldown and letting you stab for forever, and making interrupts good for your health(if your a dagger user at that moment). they need to make it have a legitimate second or w/e cooldown after a stab, so that issue doesent happen.

    Re-adding the charge time limit for TB's, since it discourages being a hermit on top of a box for 12 years waiting for someone to scuttle by.

    revert the PS mechanics back a couple years, so that the heavy swing had more range than the light, and the light swing didnt hit from a bus length away in various directions, sometimes not even in the direction your facing!

    shrink the character hitboxes back to the old size.

    stat restriction mode?(so that you still keep your cool new looking outfits/weapons, but everyone has the same level stats in that match)

    fixing the netcode, etc blah blah game needs work

    adding new maps, not overwriting old ones,(also bring back oldmoon)

    adding new weapons. not just new skins.

    possibly having new animations if a weapons skin is different enough(wind blades are a good example, though that could cause its own issues.)

    probably more things, this is just off the top of my head.


    I like enthusiasts as much as the next person, but dont fix what isnt broken, strive for new content!(not all weapons need work, but that doesent mean some don't!)