CM Letter Addie

  • Hello lovely S4 Leaguers,

    The time has come to share with you something about myself and I really have no idea where to start. Work wise, I do pretty much everything that my colleagues deal with on a daily basis, so I wouldn’t want to just repeat things and will only say “I do my best to help with everything I can”.

    Whenever I’m not working, I love playing computer games, as I’ve been a passionate gamer my whole life. Also, this may sound super strange, but I adore all things girly such as taking care of my long ginger locks, applying make-up, buying clothes, that I’m going to wear only once xD, and working out.

    Ok, I assume most of the males reading this letter already fell asleep, sorry boys, I will get back to gaming! My strength has always been MMORPGs, Strategies and MOBAs. I got caught up in playing Shooters a few years ago, but I am a total noob, my aim is beyond horrible ;( soooo I decided to stick to what I love playing the most – MOBAs and MMORPGs. My best roles have always been ranged characters and magicians. For some reason I can’t play tanks and assassins, just can’t work them out! Also, of course, as you could imagine I make a great support (duh, I mean, that would be pretty obvious given the fact that I am a girl xD).

    When I’m not doing one of the things I mentioned above, I love taking long walks in the park with my loved ones. I adore nature, and since I live in the city, the only way to be in touch with nature is our green parks!

    I am a huge food lover as well, not to mention my sweet tooth that I cannot satisfy no matter what I do. I love experimenting in the kitchen and as every stereotypical woman – I do stay in the kitchen a lot :D but unlike some women, I love it!

    One of my biggest dreams is to travel the world. The perfect combination would be to try out delicious and unknown dishes, be in the nature and try out new activities (swimming with dolphins, for example, I’ve always wanted to do it).

    To finish off this long letter, I want to add that I can’t imagine my life without music. I listen to music all day long and there isn’t a typical genre that I would enjoy. You could see me shaking my body to Latino songs and in the next 5 mins I could switch to Dubstep, a bit later – Classical music. I am a strange bird, I know!

    Big thanks to all who read the whole letter, I sincerely hope that at least some of you were able to paint a picture of myself, even if it’s just a rough draft.

    I wish you an amazing week, stay inspired and conquer the world!