Redefined clan announcement

  • Hello everyone,

    Ye you didn't hear from me a good while, for a good reason. I didn't feel like investing more time into the game, but I and couple of my good friends came up with a new idea which really made me want to play the game again. We thought of the idea of creating new accounts and start everything from fresh, leaving our main accounts behind and begin a new adventure. This would put up new challanges and new fun to everyone. We aim to gather as many people as we can in our clan "Redefined" with some simple rules such as a lvl0 fresh account, no fight and toxicness within the clan.

    I would love to see old players who got bored of the game, try this out with us, with a new "life" on s4. If you like the idea, please message me and we will continue from there.
    There won't be such test matches or so, everyone is welcomed as long as the above rules are met.

    Soon a discord group will also be made for this and would love to ask your help to spread the idea to as many of leaguers as we can.

    Hope to see positivity and people joinging us!

    See you in Redefined. blackcatblackcatblackcat

  • Sure let's have all the veteran players bully the new players before they even get into the Rank 20+ channel.

    you would be surprised by the amount of actual good players there. Also is it better to bully 20+ players in netsp1 with our mains? we bully here or there, no matter what if thats the word u wanna use lol.

    Gotta get that 100% win-rate.

    And yes, one of us still on 100%