Why i'm Banned !!!!!!!

  • Hello

    I really do not know why my account banned this alone ..

    And i will send contact us and After Is to send me say i'm banned Reason i'm in hacker

    What is that i do not hack any more i do not like so bad

    But i say what shape is Hack?

    And He says Reason Tools Capsule Hack


    What is that ?????????????

    here is no capsule Tools !!!!

    I think Events Forum this Problem mean GM send me for events
    example "GM Hunt" Or "Challenge of the Week" And after a surprise account Banned !!
    right or what

    And too My friend one same got Banned

    And Too I open an Login and i see read say
    " The user [ my login ] has not been activated or is blocked. "
    and After click again and got Block alone..

    Whyy Whyyyyyyyyyyyy Companies aeria game mad really or what..

    Help Me ;(;(;(

  • Hello Vip.Net6

    I can understand you and it is really hard for me to say that but please don't create forum threads about banned accounts. If you have questions about your banned account please contact the ticket support "HERE" because of the reason. But if the ticket support write that you got a ban because of hacking then it is actually not possible to change the Support answer result.

    PS: If you have some private questions write me a PM about my Forum- or Discord profile and please don't create a new Thread.