So when is the rail gun getting nerfed?

  • ^Title.

    The new changes pretty much made everyone quit playing chaser (srsly, there are still ppl who thinks it is a hack) and everyone is using it TD.

    The push effect of the uncharged attack must to go. It is cancer in chaser.

    The charge times are too short. If you get hit once, you are slowed for so long that the enemy can charge another shot at you.

    And considering everyone is using it, you will dodge one shot, 2 shots and then a third player will hit you.

    A revert is probably the best way to go since no one asked for those changes but it probably not ging to happen.

  • ^ i like the old one more,this new rg just helps unskillful players as there is so many ammo with near to none delays between shots you can just easily keep shooting instead of reloading and moving to cover

  • My favorite and go to weapon ever since I started playing S4 league was always the RG. I do actually like the ammo and reload buff implemented, but they weren't necessary and I wouldn't miss them if they got removed. The lowered delay inbetween shots, the slow effect, the knockback on non-charged shots, and the zoom in only when charging all need to go imo.

  • Agreed and still waiting for the nerf.

    If the devs had proper functioning brains, they would have put this new RG in the gun section along with rev and shotgun.

    Because they turned rail into a broken shotgun.

    Also, what is up that bugged reloading? I am tired of these dumb bugs allowing for weapons to do Deux EX machina things, do they keep forgeting that this is a pvp game and not one of those garbage asian slash rpg games?

    Now its time to wait for that X kid to quote me and say how skillfull it is to use the "lets cheat reload of this sniper weapon and use it as a machine gun" while comenting that my boots or mk2 bombs require less skill.

    (That will problably be the same kid that thought the handgun autoaim, previous CS and bomb suicide was "balanced")

  • Well we had like 5 threads in the old Forum about it.

    It is not only cancer in chaser, it is everywhere cancer. And I guess this was the final push for many "unlimited" player to stop playing the game.

    There are even less unlimited rooms nowadays and I also don't feel like playing anymore.

    We want the old railgun back since months and the only thing that we got is the remove of the random crit like already mentioned. But they wanted our feedback in the td passmode if I remember right, that they can make the mode better (but can't change a single weapon like it was...). So there are only 5 possible options in my opinion:

    1. Aeria Games is too dumb to understand our feedback

    2. Aeria Games gives a fck

    3. Aeria Games can't communicate with the devs

    4. The devs give a fck

    5. The devs are too dumb to change the railgun like it was

    Take whatever you want. It's not like we get a honest answer about it so every option is fine I guess.

  • aeriagames team can only provide feedbacks from the community they cant directly tell the devs how to fix/change the game directly,even if u guys rage at these pm/gm/gs it dosent really matter since its not the devs that's reading the forums its filtered through pm/gm/gs then its selectively passed on to the devs

  • Yea as they mentioned as well, aeria team is just a game publisher, they are not the one making the game. So the way it works, the Aeria games comes up with ideas in the game, plus we, the community recommend or suggest some ideas based on experience and testing, and first thing is they consider our points and if they are good enough they forward our ideas and their own ideas towards the developers so they know what the publisher and the game community would like to see in the game in the near future.

    Now, the devs will decide whether or not they want to add these features. We really can`t say how bad Aeria is as they don`t have as much of a control over it, but in my opinion they could push certain ideas on devs more then we could.

  • Yea but keep in mind this is just skin and just a cosmetic that everyone could make, they made a skin and sent it to devs to put in, or maybe they can add this themselves, this doesnt change the game anyway, so I think they have some access to the game in terms of adding stuff in themselves like skins or capsules

  • There are still some people who play chaser in Office, but indeed, it's very annoying. You get shot once, and you're tortured for 10 seconds, or even more (depending on how many people have the rail gun). I also miss the old version of the rail gun o3o I hope they will revert it.

  • Kinda bothersome how some people started to say that aeria is the publisher and not the dev while no1 said this otherwise...

    Also, even if aeria doesnt have full power as some say in here, they do have some power, pretty sure there was situations in the past that can prove this statement.

    Anyways, still waiting for rail to get fixed. (And possibly boots too)

  • nope they dont have a single shet on the devs,they can simply provide feedback to them and only that.they do not control whether the devs implement those feedbacks or not whether u like it or not its the truth

  • yes but im talking about implementations like literal new guns and stuff like those im not talking about having the access to the current stuff in the game im talking about the rights to adding/change stuff on the game

  • Yea that will be on the devs, and we dont have direct contact with them, only through aeria games, so they might rework our idea before sending it towards the devs, so its hard to get the exact ideas of ours to them in my opinion.

  • yes but im talking about implementations like literal new guns and stuff like those im not talking about having the access to the current stuff in the game im talking about the rights to adding/change stuff on the game

    And I am talking about content that they can easily comunicate with the devs to make changes.

    There has been plenty of custom made events that the devs made only to what aeria requested, also there was actualy events where the devs changed its content only to our version because they were asked to by the publishers.

    The daily limited items you get from nowadays events is only something that was implemented recently a few years ago by the request of aeria in order to try not having 100% farm rooms all the time.

    Heck there has been a countless barrage of threads in the old forums years ago with just the players, gs and gm trying to improve everything regarding this game, and some of those changes made into the actual game.

    There was also those contests where the winning contests got their stuff into the game, either by skins, weapons and login screen wallpapers.

    So yes, the publisher (aeria) does have some influence.

    This topic is about changing the stats of a weapon (actualy reversing it) and not creating new weapons/modes/maps wich can be way more complicated.

    Aeria can easily tell them to revert railguns changes.

    You think they removed repair system, improved lvl rewards and gave login rewards because they thought of it? pff, people like me have been requesting these improvements for almost a decade ago.

    The devs thought of the achievement system? and the book system? ahahahah.

    Heck, who do you think that had the idea of having monthly tiered AP systems, promotion caps, special caps and the newbie starter pack? Ill tell you, it wasnt the publishers nor the devs.

    Have you noticed the items in the normal ap shop ingame are now buyable as permament? Guess who had that idea, the forum s4 comunity.

    I do still wonder who made the patch on the third day of the chrismas event years ago (either 2012/2013) was it aeria or the devs? (I think at that time it was a different name, p7s or something like that) where for the first 3 days you could win 25 caps in a match... it was insane, not only because of the rewards, but also how fast they patched the event.... that was one of the rare times where the publishers had magically comunicated so fast with the devs into actualy doing something.

    Overrall, some here are problably thinking that I wrote too much, I do wish people would stop with the "aeria should fix the game" while they are not the devs, but I would also want the "aeria doesnt have anything to do with what happens in this game ingame" to stop.

    Players need to realize that both devs and publishers have power over their game, my biggest example, would be EA games (Before you complain, I never said I had a good example.)

    But in the end, my main issue with this topic, is that we are expecting the same morons that deleted old moon and turned boots into the fastest weapon to properly fix rail gun... X/

  • Yhea the rail gun in the chaser is so broken , and people always abuse it and thats is sad

    Same for the pass TD on hyperium with boots+exo :D Its an amazing concept, but still needs some reworks and more maps it to be played on so the strategies could be applied. :D