How GM Hunt do

  • So I've been in the lobby after Heiliger made the announce for it, and waiting for a spot in the room, or a new room to be created, what happened?

    I ve been waiting for 20mins and so, there wasn t any new rooms, or the people of the previous room didn t even leave for creating new spots for the people who actually wanted to join the event.

    I understand that he can t kick people for being a Game Master, but you could make a new room for other people to join too.


  • for that case, players were always joining and leaving and it isn't always easy after an announcement to join one of our rooms (They get full within a second even after someone leaves). Of course we kick players that are definitely done so that they can make room for other players. Everyone should enjoy the event but I also give players the chance to retry when I know that they weren't able to kill me. This happens pretty frequent during a GM hunt.