S4 League Illustrators

  • Hello, I wanted to create a list or a section where we group up the known illustrators that has worked for the game. Sadly not much of them are credited within the game or site.

    I'd appreciate any help or information, and since we probably will get new illustrators for the game I'd like to get to know them if possible.


    Panamaman | Blog | Twitter

    D ( Jung Hyun Yei ) | Blog

    It seems that he also has worked for the trailer on S4 League Season 1 Dark Lightning trailer, as seen in his blog here


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  • In "D"'s blog about the Dark Lightning trailer, I found that he mentions two illustrators madum and easu, after some research I have found some of their sites. But I can't add them to the list since I have no confirmation and no solid evidence (the only evidence I have is that they have resemblance in some concept art with their original work)

    Nonetheless, I want to put their links so I can get opinions.

    Easu (Speculating that she has done the Ophelia and Lilith wallpaper illustration): Pixiv example

    Madum / Snavi? (Speculating he has done the wallpaper with Ophelia turned back with doubletails): Blog