Mouse buttons mapping

  • Currently it's not possible to bind any action to mouse buttons (aside from primary attack on left click and secondary attack on right click) unless the mouse you have comes with a dedicated software allowing you to change key bindings.

    There are reasons why somebody would want that to change. For instance, some people got used to having jump be their right click from other games, and some people are comfortable having actions bound to their additional mouse buttons.

    It is possible in about every recent game that I've played, so it shouldn't be too hard in theory. And as long as you don't include scroll down / scroll up (which would make IWJ trivial), it's not like people are going to gain an unfair advantage because of it.

    I know it probably won't be very high in the priority list, but it's a big deal for me personally.

    EDIT: it's actually possible to bind an action to scroll. I tried it with jump, and it does make IWJ extremely trivial, although since you can't bind an action to two keys simultaneously, it makes everything else difficult.

  • I'm pretty sure you can remap them with a 3rd party software (not dedicated to your mouse) but you'll have to remap them every time you start and close the game but it's worth a try. Or maybe map them to a side button and get used to it so you don't have to struggle with that (If your mouse has side buttons of course). However, you'll need right click anyway since many weapons have another attack or effect on the right mouse button.

  • I've actually tried a few but none seemed to work on S4 league. And since most of those softwares also allow you to use macros, I fear it might get me banned or something.

    And well, you can bind right click somewhere else, like on your side mouse buttons.