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  • Welcome to ingame bug list

    Hello, I wanted to create a nice bug report thread to help the new S4 dev team. To do so I'll instore some RULES that will help to make this thread work nice and smooth. I decided to instore rules to make everything more visible and easier for the devs to find said bug and fix it.


    1. NO DISCUSSIONS!!!! Use this thread only to report bugs that aren't listed yet.
    2. If you know a bug that isn't listed yet and want to add it just post it down bellow. (SEE EXAMPLE)
    3. When you have posted a bug on this thread, I will add it to the list and notify you that I did.
    4. If you have seen a supposed (FIXED) bug ingame post down bellow that you have seen it.
    5. Allways give a date of when you have seen said bug. If you can't give the exact date it's not a problem. Month + year is required.
    6. Only non fixed bugs will be added to the (FIXED) list. Let's say you know a bug that was fixed in 2014, don't share it here. Only non fixed bugs will be added.
    8. Screenshots are allowed IF we can actually understand what is happening. Videos are better.
      • Good screenshots: A screenshot where we see that someone has no weapons. With a bug like that we can actually see someone with no weapon.
      • Bad screenshot: A screenshot where you say that you froze when someone joined the room. Nothing is moving in a screenshot so please don't be that 20IQ guy.
    9. CHECK out the list before posting a bug!


    If you wish to add a bug to the list these are the requirements:

    1. Give it a name! Something that fits please. Example: When someone enters the room I freez. "Entry freez" is a good name.
    2. Give a description of the bug. If you know why it happends it would be appreciated that you share the information.
      • What it does.
      • Why does it happen.
      • Possible fix. If you have an idea that could work.(for devs) See "NOT FIXED - Group A - CHANNEL JOINING BUG"
      • Ingame fix. If you know a solution to fix the bug in game. See "NOT FIXED - Group A - NO WEAPON BUG"
    3. If you can add a video and show the bug in action it would be much appreciated.
    4. You can help by adding a video of a bug listed that has none. Simply post it down bellow.
      Example : ( "category name" - "Group name" - "name" + link) | Not fixed - Group A - Moon bug + link (youtube)

    (FIXED): the bug has been fixed.

    (NOT FIXED): the bug is still in game.

    (UNKOWN STATUS): A supposed (FIXED) bug has been seen in game. Proof is needed to add it to the (NOT FIXED) list.

    I will separate bugs in groups. Each group will have 10 bugs in it. This will make it easier to find bugs later.

    This list has been created 27-05-2018 and will so on only list known bugs after this date.

    EDIT: I know that you can report bugs via ticket but having a list like this helps with visiblity and it's way easier to have something like this for devs and community. The community can come here and look for unkown bugs that they know and add it here. Devs can come when they want and take a look at the list and work on said bugs.

    Leave a like if you like this. Don't post "nice list" or "nice idea" or anything not related to bug reports.


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  • Wouldn't it actually better to direct message a Game Master, or a Community Manager? I mean with this thread you are showing bugs to the community which eventually could be abused ingame.

  • Wouldn't it actually better to direct message a Game Master, or a Community Manager? I mean with this thread you are showing bugs to the community which eventually could be abused ingame.

    I'll let this pass because it's a good question. I'll ask [GM]Heiliger about this.

    FROM NOW ON ONLY POST BUGS HERE. (for everyone)

    EDIT: By creating this I also make sure that GM/CM don't get bothered for allready fixed bugs. Imagine being a CM and getting pm'd by 70 people who reports the same bug. it gets annoying. I'll ask heiliger anyway.

  • You can report bugs via the ticket system not to mention I am pretty sure all of these are already painfully well known.

    Also since I was QA in P7S1 I can tell you that they are most likely aware of most of the bugs. Fixing them is another story. Providing information for reproducing the bug helps greatly.

    Also not to be mean or anything but setting rules in threads is not how forums works. Only staff can ask for that.