Introduce yourself - Old and new players alike!

  • Hey!

    I just found out the forum was changed, and surprisingly there is no introducing thread. =O

    I know a lot of you guys already know each other, but there's always new players, or those who have changed their names. So tell a bit about yourselves, and let's keep S4 a tight knit community like I always remember it being,


    I'm sure many people remember me if you were active within the community over the years. I started S4 League in March 2009, and the game quickly become a very important aspect of my life. I was one of the freelance lead event co-coordinators of S4 for many years after it launched, and most recently lead Game Sage for EN at aeria games. I've been gone over a year now, as I felt it was a good time to move on. However despite that, I've never forgotten the memories and the moments I shared with everyone I came in contact with. I still miss the game every day, and it brings a smile to my face to see some old players still at it in the net sphere.

    It would be great to be able to catch up with people, and maybe even play a couple of matches.

    See you guys around in the near future!


    Let's hear more about everyone else. Over to you, ya'll. :D

  • Guess I'm gonna be the first one here that gives a little overview of himself^^


    My name here is B3mo.

    I was a active member in the old forum but not as active as some people around here. I started playing S4 League in the open beta phase. Other games that I have also played (published by Aeria Games/Gamigo) are Aura Kingdom and Echo of Soul, but S4 League is the only one I'm still playing after all this years if I feel like it.

    I don't really have special memories because I play games for fun, so I didn't really take this game so serious like some people do and I dislike most of the in game Events because of the farmrooms. (still haven't reached the S4 rank)

    I prefer anime series over "normal series". (I'm not really watching TV)

    My favorite anime serie is "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!" (Eng: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!)

    My favorite "normal serie" would probably be the old "Two and a half men" (Until Charlie Sheen is gone)

    Hope to see you and the other people around here sometimes in the Official S4 League Discord^^

    Sorry for my english I'm austrian.

  • Well many here do not know me, and sincerely I know very few and if I know 4 is a lot, play a time, a long time in the European S4, then I had to play in the S4 Latino.

    And after I found out it's going to close I decided to move here and wait for the IP ban to be removed! I have a lot of hope

    But I really love the forums and share in them.


    The world will not be destroyed by those who harm, but by those who see and do nothing. :*

  • I miss this old times.

    back in the days I wasnt a forum user I was just using the site and playing :D but it looks cool, but also u can see its from the past as the design structure looks old af, you can really see the difference between todays`s forums and back then

  • back in the days I wasnt a forum user I was just using the site and playing :D but it looks cool, but also u can see its from the past as the design structure looks old af, you can really see the difference between todays`s forums and back then

    Well, a forum is a forum, the structure will always be the same. But I really liked that old forum. Meh, maybe i'm old for this new generation.

    And also I wasn't a forum user, I went to the forum when I had a problem. Now I see how much fun it is to be part of the forum.

  • back in the days I wasnt a forum user I was just using the site and playing :D but it looks cool, but also u can see its from the past as the design structure looks old af, you can really see the difference between todays`s forums and back then

    I am not even sure which one is older, alaplaya's or the previous aeria forum. I actually registered aeria account 2-3 days before making alaplaya account.

    I don't remember what game I was planning to play on aeria but I surely stuck with s4 in alaplaya.

  • What can I say? I just gained interest through my friends. Now i'm just a wandering spirit in the game. I can prepare you a cocktail tho.

    The only good monster is the one that is dead.

    - Goblin Slayer Veteran Hunter

  • It's ya girl.. Nana here, i'm played these game since 2010 (A legend)
    I stop playing day by day due to work as a WIFE (Yes i'm married now and i got 1 Lil boo boo, time goes by so fast isn't it ?) =3

    I don't know if old players or my friends still here ='3
    just coming back to check out these new forum, i like it. Sadly i just Uninstalled S4L last year, i'll coming back tho, if there something new (new Map LOL) c=

    Beloved Nana <3

  • Hello to new and old im simonmana a craptastic kpop trash person reviving from the dead because i was updating all of my account emails.Should you choose to nuke me like Kim Jong Un you will need to target Bulgaria in Eastern Europe.I use dark mode since im no pleb and i main twin daggers , sentry turret and mind shock because i can.

  • Hello, apparently I am mysterious so I wanted to introduce myself.

    my name is Avi aka oPunk, well, I am not a punk in real life actually but I used this name because I thought it looked cool. I am planning someday to get the name Punk or Star.

    I started playing this game a week after it came out, I cannot explain how much this game added to my life. I started with the name ''Mr.Insane..'' I was really good back then and I even managed to join a custom clan mark clan who used to be really good unlike nowadays ccm's. The clan is called Insâne, unfortunately, it's bugged at the moment so no one can join it anymore.

    In 2014 I created my new account because I couldn't use my previous one for a private reason. but yeah, I created oPunk. I am now a level 80 aka S4.

    Real life facts about me:

    I am 18 years old.

    I am a Staff member of the biggest Discord server.

    I am from Israel.

    In 2 years I will be joining the military.

    I am really friendly, so no need to be shy to say hello.

    That's it I think? :D

  • Yo whats good homies. Just started playing today. Idk if its a good game, but im finna try it out see how it go. Um yeah im 16, i like videogames, pretty much it lol

  • Hi, I'm Gael, a kinda childish guy with too many opinions and too much to say which sometimes lands him in awkward conversations and finding himself dumbfounded by saying the most stupid stuff. (Yeah you should have me restricted to 280 characters like in twitter so you can avoid my walls.)

    Started playing this game around November 2009 during the first Halloween event, I started playing S4 League more often in the summer of 2010 when we had an event where we had to gain alot of EXP to get permanent Summer Sets (I think it was the Pineapple, Jazz Butterfly and Diamond ones? Was that 2010?), didn't get it.

    I'm not really new to the forums, I always roamed around, posted here and there, ranted in alot of threads, just used the forums to participate in forum events to get free stuff because I'm cheap.

    I casually play S4 League because I don't have the time atm, currently a Fashion student which is funny because one of my influences for my carreer option was because I wanted to design sets for S4 League.

    I've always wanted to be more active here but it never happened.

    TL;DR: I only come here for event participation pen.