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  • Hi whenever I try open game I get "The connection with Game Server has been terminated."
    It worked fine 3 days ago i dunno what happened. any solution for this please?
    • Make sure you are not downloading anything else nor any other program is running. This error usually happens when it takes more than 5 mins for the game to load.
  • Hello ^^, Brazilians can Play s4? ;)
  • Hi, whenever i try to run S4League, it says "The connection with Game Server has been terminated.", could you please help me?
    • How long it takes for the game to load? If it is more than 5 mins, try turning off everything that is using the processor and using wired connection is recommended.
    • It actually takes more than 5 mins, I'll try doing that
  • hi, im trying to run the app but its says "failed to patch due to unknown reason"
    • Go to the game folder and delete whatever is in the backup folder. If still not working, try making an exception in your antivirus or disable it during the patching.
  • good jobe
  • "you're not allowed to sign in from this IP or Country."
    whoops tapped wrong.
  • Hi im trying to download S4 League and it says "Failed to copy file needed for patch." Help please.
  • i have problem with s4 league update can you help me ?
  • Heyo Hella. can you help me with something?
  • Hello Hella , iam from Qatar ,
    I'm just opening the game from my device
    Until yesterday night the game was stable, but today it is as shown in the picture
    ,,, my problem is game faild to connection
  • Hi Hella, just wanted to know if your rolling vulcan has another name since it has a special skin? Thank youuu ~
  • Sorry to bother you. Can I use VPN to play S4? Won't I get ban?
  • How many gb in the resources file?
  • Hopes nothing bad happen while redownloading the game...fingercross ;c
  • Sorry to bother you, but since I saw you online in the chibi contest. I didn't have anyone to acquire for help. How I can post staff in there?
  • Hey Hella, i love you ;D.
  • My problem is solved thanks to this website :msfn.org/board/topic/176902-en…stas-internet-explorer-9/.
    Thank you for helping :)
  • Hello, I have a problem with the game for many months. When i try to login it makes "Navigation to The Webpage Was Canceled". I tried to reset my internet options but it doesn't work and in my internet options there are neither "TSL 1.1" nor "TSL 1.2". I created my account recently, i can't make a thread in the forum. I don't know what to do :/
  • sorry to bother you but am so confused. how do i post a massage on the event page ?
  • Uhhhhh Hi Hella, my friend is currently having failed to patch(code 6). Could you send me the game client if possible please ? :D
  • Hey Hella :P
    • I'm good thanks, having a bit of trouble with the forums tho, I cant post anything on the current costume/character contest so I can't show my idea :< Is it locked or?
    • What do you mean you can't post? How long has been since you created the forum account. I heard new accounts has to be verified by the CM before they can post.
    • I mean I can post on walls as you can see, but for some reason I have no option to post on forum pages (like the costume/character contest event, it says you need to post on its thread, I assume that means post on its page) And I just made this forum account, I assumed my S4 account was my forum account but that did not work so made this one.
    • Its fixed now Hella ^^ i can post anywhere now. Sorry to bug you ^^
  • Hello! Sorry to bother you individually but I need some help. It seems that there is an issue with my S4 Client. I'll just get on with it and elaborate it. So, after opening up the patcher and logging in, the S4 Client starts but when it does, it's icon does not show in the start menu, but only that an application is being run. It briefly runs for a few moments with a black screen as if it were loading something but then crashed. Please do help as I've been tackling this issue on my own for about a week now and the gamigo support team albeit may be trying it's best but it's not working well as they reply rather slowly. Thanks in advance!

    Computer Specifications

    OS = Windows 10 x64 Pro

    CPU = Intel I5-4200M

    RAM = 8 GB

    GPU = Nvidia Quadro K610M 1GB

    Net Speed (KBps) = Usually around 400 - 700 KBps
    • Black screen usually means graphic card driver issue. Try updating your graphic driver or try downgrading it if it is already updated. Also it is possible that your game client has damaged files so redownloading and reinstalling may fix the issue. If you still have issues after that, make a thread in the forum.
    • Done redownloading it thrice and reinstalling it about 10 times now. It can't be the - Wait, never mind fixed it.
  • Hi Hella, can you help me with the patch files? my update keep failing to extract patch.
  • Hi Hella,
    Everytime the patch stops at 1/21 and this pops to me 'Failed to extract patch file' Help me please what should i do?
  • Hello, I have a problem with the game I installed a new operating system and the game will not let me enter. I receive an error that says the following: "the connection to the game server is over". Then I looked at the forum and I could read that they were in maintenance and that they would end at 1:00 p.m but it is already 11:00 p.m and I still can not access the server.
  • كليوم تحديث زودو من سكن بليزززز
  • Hello, I'm sorry to disturb you but I have a problem with the game. I tried to install it but during the download of the patch files, they always crash at the same point (15/35) and give me this error message : " Failed to extract patch file" . I tried to reinstall it many times but nothing changes. Do you know how to help me? Thanks in advance.
    • Eheh i solved the problem ( or so I think, because it's going quietly) . Sorry again for the trouble ahahaha :)
  • yesterday i was playing normally and today When i try to login the login page don't appear to me just appear eror Navigation to The Webpage Was Canceled But The internet and everything is ok can u help me to fix it ?
    • Open Internet Explorer and click the cogwheel -> Internet options -> Advanced tab -> Reset... -> Delete Personal settings -> Reset

      If still does't work make a thread in the forum.
  • Could you be an angel and delete your post on my thread? I addes rules to help the community report bugs easier and for the gm/cm fiend them easier.I understand what u express but it has nothing to do with reporting a bug. Please ^^.
    • The staff will delete it if they think it is necessary.
    • Come on... I'm trying to make something nice and you come in and just don't care... What does it do to you if you delete your post? Please I ask this nicely. We all would like to have less bugs in S4 but we can only do this if we work together.
  • i need talk with you about some thing Please *-*