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  • hi
    server off?
  • hi i need help with this new EAC error.
    May i receive some assistance please. TY
    • Hello heap0fyouth33

      Please do me the favor and explain your situation with a bit of more details. You can contact me on our Discord Server or if your write me a private message here on the forum. Please don't start a conversation here on my profile.
  • GM I HAVE problem waith my acont ?????
    plez help me
    • Hello iamabodo19

      I already have answer you on discord :)
    • what is the answer
  • LONGTAIL Hair muss zurück & Wo kann ich das finden? :/ pls help...
    • Hallo DB.Nightcore

      Die Haare "Longtail" waren sehr lange im Mystery Box Bereich zu finden und wurden der Zeit entsprechend nun durch andere Items ersetzt. Ob und wann diese wieder im Shop verfügbar sein werden, kann ich dir leider nicht sagen.
    • Nun Danke für die Information :) Ich werde aufpassen & beobachten in Mystery Box Bereich. Es wäre toll wenn es irgendwann mal solche Sachen wieder rauskommen könnte. Ich bin gespannt^^
      -Danke nochmals <3
    • Keine Ursache. Gern geschehen.
  • Boa noite, GM estive longe do s4 EUA por um bom tempo, e estou retornando agora, soube que está tendo algum tipo de recompensa para as pessoas, vejo muita gente com um set FP, gostaria de saber como eu faço para obter, se ainda é possivel ?
    • Hello dhebyroo, sorry but I can't understand your langauge. Please ask me your question in german or english. Thanks.
    • Good evening, GM have been away from the USA for a long time, and I'm returning now, I've known that it's having some kind of reward for people, I see a lot of people with a FP set, I'd like to know how I do it, it's possible ?
  • Hi may i ask if theres a fix for the EAC error after i select a server?
    • We hope soon. We already know that a lot of player have some issues with our new hackshield. I only can tell you please have a bit more patience until we have fix this problem. Otherwise you can contact our ticket support. The technic area shhould can help you.
  • hi when i try to update said error T_T help me
    • The new patch has few problems that we already know and I only can recommend you to reinstall the game. Before you install the game again, please don't forget to delete the whole Aeria Games folder (except of the "Screenshot" folder).
  • S4 Buggers weyr01234 Buggers
  • S4 Buggers RPT_CURRY Buggers
  • <deleted>
  • hello i've got a screen
  • Even bester GM (Y)
  • Seriously? I post the only useful thread of the entire forum and you straight up delete it? Why?
  • Excuse me first for the sale of the account ^^'''
  • Aktivster teamler zurzeit, mega nett macht spaß mit dir afk rum zu stehen hihi c: und sag den s4 mitarbeitern, dass sie aufhören sollen zu chillen und neue sachen rausbringen sollen bevor s4 down geht ._. ly <3
    • Ich gebe mein bestes. Als GM haben wir aber leider keinen direkten Einfluss auf derartige Unterhaltungen. Nur bei der Planung von Events können wir hart eingreifen. Wenn ich das mal so sagen darf.

      PS: Danke für dein Kompliment.
      PPS: Das nennt man nicht AFK-Rumstehen, das nennt man Musik bei Spotify suchen :D
  • <Deleted>
    • I have read your problem but we don't accept conversations about private accounts here. Please contact the ticket support. Only the ticket support could solve your problem.
    • I want help link
  • Make a worthwhile event next week Please..
  • Evendora, werden die nachrichten wenn man Ticket schickt gelesen?
    • Die Nachrichten bezüglich Tickets werden selbstverständlich gelesen. Was genau die Vorgehensweise bezüglich der Bearbeitung angeht, kann ich dir leider nicht sagen. Um das sagen zu können müsste ich bei Aeria Games im Büro tätig sein.
  • Your aim is off so I'd recommend you start using a homing rifle. You're welcome.
    • Thanks for the information. Let me try it at the next GM Hunt Round/Event
  • PM please
  • Hi
  • #freemarcus
  • Asotac was here.
  • Hallo
  • Hello, I have restored my account and it has been unlocked for me yesterday, but I want to change the email its associated with. Can someone do it for me today? Ive contacted Scragger from Support but I think he is not available today? ticket ID #571134
    • Sorry but we GM's can't change something like in game or account things and we can't see tickets. Please wait untils Scragger is available.
  • Ich habe ein Problem seit gestern, mit dem Kauf von AP. Vom Ticket habe ich nur per Email ne Antwort bekommen, dass die Email von Paypal die selbe sein sollte, wie die hier angegebene. habe diese jetzt geändert aber es steht dort immer noch "Error" bei der AP-Anzeige. Kann das Bitte behoben werden? Kann nichts kaufen und das Angebot läuft in zwei Tagen ab...
    • Ne Bestätigungsmail, um die Email zu bestätigen, kam allerdings auch nicht.
  • Excuse me i did not get the R.W !!
    • Please have a bit more patience because of the rewards. The Rewards are coming soon maybe at the end of this week. We will inform the players on Discord because of the rewards.
    • okay Thanks you for caring ^ ^
    • You're welcome
  • evendora sorry I have not yet received the capsules of the event: Easter GM Hunt- Easter event I would like to know when they are delivered because there is already a new event and so far nothing
  • Evendora i still do not receive the caps of the last event :c
    • Which Event exactly?
    • The event pascua
    • Event pacua
    • ?¿
    • Sorry I was a bit busy because of my work. I only could be recommend to write a ticket about your missing rewards. Else, contact directly a CM about discord.
  • <3