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  • Hey! Is the "Game Server Issue" solved yet?
  • Hello how are you? :>
  • sir can you help me . my account is losted and i cant open it on the site or on the game
    • Can you please share more details of what is wrong? Maybe a screenshot could clarify your case to me
  • do not work how do you work
  • how start game
  • With regard to sending the answer on Monday (today), I want to say that 2 days ago change the nickname now it is: Ryzer- it is no longer Vyx-
    I will send the form back to Google with a link for the two photos killing GM and CM.
  • Hi, I don't wanna bother with another comment about asking in the chibi contest thread but if the ball in my submission is an edit from the TD Pass one can it like disqualify me or is it fine? here's the link of it:
    Sorry to asking this late btw.
  • I get disconnect from BE Service every single time i get into one of the servers
  • Hi, when I´m starting S4 alright is okey but when I fill ID and PW and want Login I see only White screen.
    I could take printscreen if you need it.
  • Hi, im coming bc i try to download the game, but always appear the same fail, ytry everything that i can see in foroum, but i cant do the game download.. i saw u post, but idk how open ur pm, im new here.. and u said: "In case nothing works, ask one of the GM', especially me, in a private message or in a thread to hand out a pre patched client to download and start.". If u can help me, i will so happy, haha.
    • my apologies for the late reply. I was away for quite some time due to my vacation. Do you still need support?
  • Hey Heli, im having a problem with the forums, I made a account so I could submit my art to the current s4 league costume contest. But I cannot find a way to post anything. No options, no message box, nothing. Whats happened?
  • hello game master or any one can help me every time i enter the game keep getting Server tormented from just choosing the server -_-
    • try to synchronize your system clock with the internet and then try again. The issue should be solved after that
  • what's with the-B11 problem? this is really annoying
    • it is a known error and it's currently being investigated. so far we don't have any solution to that yet
  • sir please can you help me when i join the server i got dc b-11 please help me :(
  • Hey,

    wenn ich S4League downloade, kommt die Meldung es ist ein Netwerkfehler aufgetreten. Überprüfe deine Firewall udn Internetverbindung. Habe Firewall ausgemacht und Antivirus ebenfalls. Habe den Download in 3 verschiedenen Browsern probiert und es klappt nicht. Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  • Hello! I can't play S4 League... After 3-4 minutes I get dc.
    "The connection has ended B02". I'm new in the Forum and I don't know where I can get help, sorry.
    Oh, du kannst ja deutsch. xD
    • rejoin the game if it's not working you have to join another server
    • We are also currently investigating this issue. Sadly we didn't find a solution to that yet but we hope that we can provide one as soon as possible. In the mean time, please report it here support.gamigo.com
    • It's not working, Selena. I tried every server, and I got dc. Doesn't matter, if I go in a match or just staying in the lobby. :/
    • Thanks, Heiliger / Danke, Heiliger. :)
      Schade, aber okay... Aber auf der Black List kann ich nicht sein, da ich 1 Monat nicht mehr gespielt hatte und jetzt erst seit 2 Tagen wieder spiele, und da habe ich nur mit Freunden gespielt. :/
    • Nein, du bist auf keiner blacklist. Wir hatten vor kurzem ein unerwartetes problem mit battleye was gelöst werden konnte aber dann trat dieser fehler für viele auf. Wir versuchen es so gut es geht zusammen mit battleye dies zu lösen
  • Heiliger I can't join any room in En1 but another servers i can join and play normal can you help me, i feel everything boring I can't speak the another languages perfectly
    • This is due to a hacker blacklisting people. The developers are already on it trying to fix this issue
    • Heiliger ._. last a long time i'm got banned and i was saying in tickets i'm not hacking and today i'm seeing my last account online :( i told them in tickets i'm not hacking now maybe you can trusted me my account online and when i'm trying to reset the password they saying sorry your account banned from servers ibb.co/iRX0Py you can check pic :( of my lost account online , check the pic :( i told them but no one trusted me :( maybe he's did
    • s4db.net/player/Alaplaya2008/ i'm didn't hacked that too but it's okay i don't wanna my 2 lost accounts but please don't let me watching my last account nick name on the side of the conversation bar because that's mad me angry
    • I didn't reply here because we already wrote in direct message on discord but if I can do something diretly, I'll let you know
  • sir, can i ask you? we (asian) having problem with server(red ping all the time), my internet normal for me if i play never got lagg but after maintainance(2-3days it take for some reason) we having that problem. i have you have way to help me and another asian server to fix this :( we love this game you know. we dont want to lose it for some reason T^T
    • We are trying to improve the lag issues but it needs more time to develop. We will announce it once we know more
  • S4 League to Brazil !! <3
  • GM habe meine ap nicht bekommen
  • Hello,

    why can't I create a post or comment anything, it's been 5 days since I created my account but I'm not receiving any confirmation e-mail
    • Try to ask a Community Manager directly. Each account needs to be enabled manually before they can post
  • Followed ! I would like to know where could I post, or send suggestions for the forum improvement?
  • Hello!
    Im a old S4 League player wanting to return playing the game again
    But i wanted to know if the game is thinking about doing a graphics update

    I love this game, he has such a potential (Love the movements and the combat) but looks the graphics are stucks in 2007...
    The game have already 11 years but the graphics never changed
    Im very happy you guys changed the anti cheater to Battleye!
    Sorry my bad english :/
    • I don't know if it will go in this direction but the current priority is to get the new current developer team used to the S4League code so that they can bring cool stuff in the future. Maybe this could occur one day too
    • Please try to make it happen
      I dont mind you guys doing more weapons, skins, etc... (Please dont do Pay to Win items, you guys dont need that)
      I understand you guys need that money to make updates to the game
      Just try to revive this game improving the graphics and making him a 2018 interesting game wtih fun gameplay and cool anime graphics
    • the developers will try their best :D
  • Hello,
    I am a new member in the community and am really enjoying the game. I decided to support it by purchasing AP. The transaction was completed and my Paypal has been charged, but my account has been suspended and there is an Error preventing me from using the AP. I contacted Billing via a ticket this morning but have not heard back. Is there any way you can help me?
    Thank you.
    • Sadly not directly. The ticket agents will reply within a day or two. If you wrote it yesterday there's a chance that you will receive your relly today together with the AP. We apologize for the issue that is coming for players that purchase for the first time
  • Hi,
    whenever i launch s4 this pops to me (Your client is old version)
    what should i do >?
    • this error means that your game needs to be patched and no, while you're in egypt you won't be able to play the game
    • Ok thank you so much for replying and yea i just realised that the country i am in is banned i am really sad and please inform me whenever the bann will be removed<3
    • We will announce it directly through announcement in discord and on the forum. ^^
  • Hi, I just installed S4 League yesterday and i launched it today and whenever i click on server europe1 or any other server it says to me that 'You Failed To Join A Relay Server Tunnel' Please help me tell me what should i do