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  • Hallo,

    ich würde gerne bei dem Signatur Event teilnehmen, kann jedoch nichts posten... Woran liegt das? e.e

    Ich sehe aber auch keinen Button um etwas zu posten...

    Außerdem steht bei mir immer noch:

    ,,Sehr geehrter Nutzer, wir heißen dich herzlich willkommen im neuen S4 League Forum.
    Um Zugriff auf alle Features zu erhalten, erstelle bitte kostenlos einen Account oder logge dich ein."

    Aber ich bin bereits eingeloggt? ö.ö

    Des Weiteren habe ich keine Bestätigungsmail erhalten, falls es überhaupt eine gibt... Ich habe sogar einen zweiten Account erstellt, aber dort hatte ich das gleiche Problem.

    Hilfe bitte ö.ö
    • forum accounts müssen von einem Community Manager erst aktiviert werden, bevor sie schreiben und threads erstellen können. Leider wird dies am Montag geschehen sobald sie wieder auf der arbeit sind
    • Achso, gut dann weiß ich Bescheid.. Danke ~
  • Hello Sir ^^ I install S4League in my computer But it's not working ? And Say its '' You are not allowed to sign in from this IP or Country ?? Why ??can you help me to play this game please I'm Playing s4league Last year pls help me to play it again ...^_^ ....
  • hey, can you help me out with a problem i have with s4? thanks in advance
  • when the game will be online !!!!!
    • it tells me : navigation to the webpage was canceled
    • try the following. open internet explorer > internet settings > advanced > scroll down to security > enable TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, TLS 1.2 and SSL 3.0
  • Hi there is a problem i have with the launching of S4L
    Can you help me fix it?
  • hello how are you doing
  • Hi, my game has a problem that says Failed to patch Code 6
    Do you have any idea how to fix it?
  • gm pleas pm me fast
  • gm pleas pm me fast
  • [GM] I tell you for my ask for gift how i send screenshot for you
  • #freemarcus
  • Asotac was here.
  • Hey. I ran across a video on Youtube yesterday, and I think I should bring it up to you. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I've been reading some threads on the other countries servers. Is there a way I can link you the video w/o posting here? I think it's important for you GMs to see if you haven't already.
    • You can write me a direct private message through the forum or discord while you're on my profile
  • Hello, I have restored my account and it has been unlocked for me yesterday, but I want to change the email its associated with. Can someone do it for me today so that I can reset my pw? I've contacted Scragger from Support but I think he is not available today? Do the CM support staff not work on Sat/Sun? Ticket ID #571134
  • Could you help me with a patcher problem?
  • In fact : I have already sent a ticket, then they responded to the ticket I sent which was a request for information, but I want to provide them with the information requested. I sent them the information by pressing the''Reply'' box but I don't know if the information was received from their side because I don't get the usual bot message.
  • Hi, Heiliger, I sent a reply to a tickets in my mail, but i didn't receive any message of bot, I don't know if Support receive my reply or not receive, does it normal or abnormal?
  • Hello.... Would you help me please i have a Question about Clan.
    So...My Main Account got Bann. And now my Clan still Leaderless.... How long i have to wait before i can get Master back with any other Account or my Staffs...? Now it´s Day 27 after Bann. I hope i can get i fast... Because my Member are waiting for a Leader...

    Fg.... StormWeapon
    • Sadly, this has to wait until the CMs are able to moderate clans. Atm it isn't possible to do so and we have to wait for a clan revamp
  • Hello can you help me with something,? I saw your post for the techincal errors if the game doesnt install right but I have tried everything but It just wouldn't work
  • This forumn wont send me my email to verify
  • heiliger about the easter event because I still have not got what I ordered and well filled my orders and it will almost be a week and I do not reach my friend and I arrived and I could not desir by the time I arrived please thank him <3. I love S4
  • Heiliger there is already a new event and i still do not receive the caps of last week's event
  • When to announce the winner of the drawing contest ... Y^Y
  • You have been blessed with my presence
  • heiliger I still do not receive the capsules of the weekend event to kill the GS send my data well and capture the photo but I still do not get anything
  • Hello, I have a problem, when I download the Russian client of the game an error appears, what should I do?

    the setup files are corrupted. please get a new copy of the program
    • answer please
    • ah sry, I somehow didn't see you writing me. check this path if there's already an S4League folder and remove it entirely. after that download it again. C:/Program Files(x86)/AeriaGames
  • Soo, i have a problem.. when i am supposed to choose Server, i always choose Europe server 1 or something.. but now lately i can't log in... it says " The connection With the game server has been Terminated "... what should i do?
  • hello, today will you create an event room?
  • Hello, Heiliger:

    Do you know how we gamers can get into contact with the developers for suggestions, questions, and s4-related content?

    I understand that S4-EU is the last one standing. Will this impact how we'll be able to contact them, since S4-Korea shut down?

    • no, nothing will change in this regard. All feedback coming from you will be given on to the developers through us. All you need to do is to create a thread with the suggestion
    • Heiliger:

      That's great to hear(and see). I would like to have these points addressed or at the very least considered for future patches.