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    I see the new ranking system which is nice, thanks for it. However, quality of the rank images is worse (mobile version so far) and the positioning of the rank title and rank image is awful or it s just the combination that dosen't tell much.

    Is it just me or ?

    Last time I played the game was exactly a year ago. And I've only played three times since my last post. Two to three years ago, you would occasionally see threads from old players checking on the state of the things or expressing their disappointment in how the game received zero content or any noteworthy fixes, and you would see some forum members telling them that they are tired of hearing (or seeing) the same words, some others would tell them they relate and how sad the state of the game is "How it could be a lot better!", and others would tell them to take it or leave it.

    I was one of those who lurked in the forum without adding anything to most discussions, but seeing those threads made me think "What, what do they expect with the game history? This is how it has been all this time. This is normal. Expecting change is not." But in retrospect, they had every right to expect change because of the huge untapped potential the game has, which everybody agrees on, and the reason people can't quit EsFuorLeig. More than disappointing, it is disheartening, and I now understand those people a little better.

    For me last game was since more than 2,5 years ago and honestly I'm surfing the forums since last year to constantly check the state of the game which I believe it will change as the time flies but not anytime we might wish. Even though changes are iminent , I assume that most of us will not have the time as we used to have in the old days to play the game, it feels like it would be a just casual thing, once a week or twice maybe.

    Off topic; I dunno why I picture aeria as a small sailboat with one person rowing and 10 others supervising him (management of weather director, management of sailboat wood director, management of wind director, management of rowing performance director and Chief of life enhancement aka fishierman who gives food to the people of the boat)

    you got the idea

    Would be a shame to not buy a SSD for it!

    Fire up developer tools (F12), go to networking and then request again the aeria page. Look up yourself if you find any useful info about the requests. You can provide us some screens as well.

    Additionally, install fiddler and request again the page to see more detailed info about the TSL negotiation in the fiddler apl, does it seem okay, what do you see ?

    Nice thread.

    Going back 9 or 10 years ago, while I was skipping chemistry classes with one of my friends, I went to his home and he did started to play S4...I couldn't understand anything he was doing, everything seemd to too fast for my eye to catch. I said no thanks..until few days later when I decided to give it a try. Man, it was best feeling ever! I stopped playing like ~3 years ago as I got enganged lol, got a job, got a there was less and less time for me to play. One of the many factors that got me quitting was also the direction the game was heading to.

    Since mid of 2018 I started surfing the forums just for the nostalgy feeling and of course with the hope that the game will get better in time so I can give it a try or at least just seeing it won't die also makes me feel good about it.

    yeah sure maybe if you live in the last millennium using MSN Messenger on XP lmao


    it's like everywhere I look on this forum I see stoners

    No bro, look up for 'image buffer overflow' on google...there are many vulnerabilites out there from this century...some of them patched..some not.

    I guess I m going off topic...the purpose was so strengthen the idea of not trusting external resources without proper verifications. I'll stop here.

    the zip has just a few 3D models and pictures in it

    how much of a computer illiterate do you have to be to basically call it a virus lmaooooooooo

    you're making me lose some brain cells here, may I ask you to stop

    Would you be surprised if I told you that by simplying viewing an image (without downloading any specific malware, spoofed files and so on) you might actually allow a malicious person to get into your machine ?

    - Whitelist good users.

    I haven't gone into details but whitelist purpose was to know which users are credible to not perform harm to the server and skip over taking them into consideration when looking for the s just to shorten the list of possible attackers until we find him.

    that wont solve anything it'd just make it bcome a private server type of access this is a publicly available game not your private server with some friends

    Mate, the purpose of my suggestion is to analyse the information in order to find the attacker...I haven't understood your reference to the private server, I'll appreciate if can you please provide some more details ? Thanks

    If the attacker plays this game you have bunch of information you can correlate and generate some statistics which might help see who can be the person behind the attacks (real Ip address/range or information).

    Which info I'm talking about ?

    - When the attacks take place and how often, including a conversion to each time zone.

    - Which users are online in that period of time (before, after..)

    - The timezone of each player

    - The daily logins of each user in the game, how much they play, how often and in which intervals do they log in.

    - The users surfing the forums (ip addreses) at the time of attacks as well as the routine in normal days including subjects being read by the users.

    - Whitelist good users.

    There manty other parameters..and all this info can be correlated to have an overview. Such as, time zone each user in the moment of the attack is a resonable hour of a normal usser playing with respect to their timezone ? Depending on the timezone, what could be normal working hours in that country, how much the user plays daily, with this info we might be able to see if he probably has a job so he cannot login in a certain interval..All these info need to be logged for a period of time in order be able to generate such got the point..

    I'm really excited that we can play S4 league again, I really did not want to go in because of the problems I've seen frequently and it's the "Lag" until they repair that little mistake I will not enter, I can not ruin the room other players just for my ms too high.

    We are not all equal, although I feel that the entrance of us will be a problem for many, I hope we can all live together.

    Can you share with us what you smoke ? We would like to try as well...

    Tamino :

    We do understand the situation and we don't expect things to happen immediately, however, it is unfair for us and not professional for your team to provide us promises related to the status of the game that are are postponed each time. We understand that there may be situations when thigd cannot be anticipated but this really happened many times and still not done anything to avoid it. There's a known expression "Never take decissions when happy or when sad", what I am saying is do not give us information in such situations as it was the case with the free perm sets rewards when everyone was happy thus the pirate jumped to conclusions about the giving some updates soon..again..

    In the close feature, It would be helpful from your side to simply tell us that things are on the right track and a feedback will arrive when there's a clear visibility on the next steps as well as enough time to write a clear changelog..

    On the other hand, thanks for all your patience and implication.

    I can't see this being done through auto kick, the lag it would cause for every player to constantly be under watch would be too excessive. Allowing a player to activate a system like in the case of a "vote kick" would cause much less issue over all I think.

    Hi there,

    I suppose I wasn't clear enough as I didn't go in details but that's one of the key points of this suggestion, to vote a player to be further analised by the system.

    On the other hand, if we discuss about lag, there are really many factors which come into play, one of them would be the resources as you had mentioned. Taking into consideration the hardware capabilities these days from both ends (client-server) and that most of the information within the game already goes through the "pipe", it's only a matter of analising the data. However, these implementations details shouldn't become a wall in our decisions as we must be focused on what benefits brings to the community. Indeed, there must be some degree awareness knowing how fesible/reliable is the suggestion but in the end, technicalities are handled by the devs.



    My proposal is related to the kick functionality used within the game to be adapted in such way to not let the users kick other players instead they will simply propose a player to be automatically analised by the system and kicked if he seems to hack.

    Here, system refers to the actual game server which based on the feedback from players, should begin scanning the specified user in certain moments for specific patterns such as (not limited to):

    - Player has a real max health ?

    - Player has a real speed in both "walking", "running" states ?

    - Player can 1 hit ?

    - Player's health can drain if takes any damage ?

    - Player's dmg based on items correspond to the actual dmg ?

    - Player's wearing items exists in inventory ?

    The above examples are some high level abstractions of what can be performed when scanning the actual player and it is not necessary to get into technical details.

    In conclusion, the key point is to have the S4L itself handle the kicking of the hackers through special alghoritms and disallow players to kick themselves for unjust reasons.