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    Yep. i love her in this video.

    I love this performance! I love her in general. She hasn't released an album in 6 years and she's dropping it finally this or the next month. Can't wait for her comeback!

    Is the server online currently? I'm in the UK and I keep getting 'The connection with the Game server was lost' after pressing any key to start

    I've tried multiple times throughout the week at different times, still got the same thing. Btw, it's nice to see you again Hella_Hell! I remember you from the old forum days (before we all Egyptians got banned lol)

    So, I recently heard about the unban regarding Egypt and other countries from playing the game. I downloaded the game indeed and played it for a while, a couple of times. However, the third time I tried to connect with any server I got the "Failed to connect with game server (Timeout)" message. I restarted my laptop, disabled my antivirus and still got the same message. It's basically stuck at the server room. Did my country get banned again or it's just an error?