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    All I remember was the game going downhill after migration happened as most people's accounts/chars were not properly migrated. You had to wait for months for them to handle that problem over time(or sweeped it under the rug as I and others in aeria chat said). There was also issues with the servers with handling Peer-to-Peer so American players had around 250(r)(t) to everyone(for a month or 2).

    So the playerbase went from a healthy 10k or so down to 3k. Then there was all the bad events that popped out after just migrating here. This was right after...a coin event I think where you were able to earn a crow countersword/AP pets if you farmed for it. I had no pen and AP weapons which was very limiting. As you are able to move faster and do more dodges/wall jumps/fadesteps.

    It wasn't until a very abusive event popped up where around Christmas in 2013, people were able to farm for AP weapons/costume sets and also a lot of pen. I earned around 7m pen,lots of AP costume sets and AP weapons from that event which allowed me to buy a lot of I-caps for weapons I needed. It also let me won an auction here in forum for some Gun/Shirt Esper chips(which was very beneficial for airhug since that was all I did). So to me the gap between AP and Pen is way too big. Especially with esper chips which gives even more additional stats. Oh and that event also gave out FP boosters or increases the chance of getting a AP weapon/costume. So I had a lot of 4x and I even got 1 100% booster iirc.

    I didn't mind stuff like Reload Speed as that was level1 and there was very old players(or people like me who won them through forum events) who had them. But those extra stats that now come from esper chips are very dumb. In past threads people talked about how the gap between AP/Pen was becoming larger and it was getting more ridiculous. I think that AP vs AP is fine. But if you're a pen player who has no AP weapons/costumes whatsoever, this game is very pay to win.

    Then there was many broken weapons that were added to the game. Boots when you can boots rush to the ball right away so you can always ramp first. Bombs which have too much quantity,control and damage though this is more... better to handle.As long as 3 players don't have bombs. Oh and when you can suicide bomb enemies which was in game for a couple of months or a year iirc. Mk2 heal gun which lets you heal camp up the ramp. Rocket launcher which was 1 shotting. Buffed railgun which makes it... broken and despite the many threads here asking for a rebalance again or an implementation of the older one it is still ingame. Sharpshooter with esper chip(before they removed that) but then they have limited ammo which is questionable. Since railgun has unlimited.

    Only weapon that got nerfed for guns now that I think about it is... airgun. Which they made it so you can't airhug it. To me that wasn't very brokenas you can just dodge +rush to recover if good enough. I did that a lot to score TDs when rushing as airgun is always nears stairs. It's not as broken as other weapons.

    I started playing this game again(2018) when I came back to america for a bit as the Philippines is banned... So I started to load up the game again. And there was a lag issue which made me not play for 2 months. I waited to see if Aeria could fix it but they didn't. I was expecting too much. So I decided to try a VPN I had lying around(set to Germany) and it worked. For some reason. Was able to play for a month or so before I went back to the Philippines. And if I get banned for this, it's fine. I'm in the Philippines again and I won't be able to play for a couple of years(college) due to country IP ban. I'm already satisfied with the time spent in this game. Video of show casing the lag I experienced below:

    A hacker was kicking people from rooms while copying my name one time and in lobby people were blaming me for it. So me and some friends were talking and laughing about how broken this game is. And how hackers made it bend the knee.

    All I can say is that I had fun with the game. Met and talked to lots of people in game.Had a lot of airhug friends when I was just starting to learn it. I paid 0$ due to that event I mentioned before and I thank myself for farming that much. As Aeria was being very stingy towards free players honestly. And over the years I lost faith in Aeria. And because of this game I can't really have much fun with other shooters out there(highest compliment I can give it) and this game had a lot of potential. Too bad it was botched.

    It's not because you're from America, it's because of the use of 3rd party programs that affect the game. that's why they're telling you that they can ban you

    Oh well. Can play the game instead of waiting for 10 years for the issue to be fixed.

    I'm from america so not sure why I should be banned... and this issue has been happening to me for 4 months for some reason. Just hoping it gives some insight to the people who most likely gave up...

    Well it's fixed and back to the previous ping and there's no freezing like in that video above. I just tried using a VPN and connect myself to a server in Germany and... it works good now. I use Private Internet Access for this.

    They can but for what is being planned takes some more time. Please be patient on that one

    By then I will be country IP blocked again when going back to the Philippines.... but oh well. Guess I'll just move on.