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    Yes, we got a new set that is blocked behind a pay wall. I don't really care about if we get new sets or skins, i'm more concerned about the overall state of the game, i think i already bought enough set capsules, i think we all bought enough stuff for this game just for them to put more stuff behind an ap wall without taking in consideration the state of the game.

    I didn't buy stuff so they could develop more stuff that you need to buy in order to get it, i bought stuff cause i wanted to support the game so they have reasons to develop the game beyond what it is nowdays. Obviously leaving aside that i wanted those items, i wouldn't had charged AP if i knew how the game would end up

    Leaving the AP topic behind, are they really giving anyone reasons to charge ap to buy that new set or any of the recolored skins? That's why i've said i see pointless to make skins if you are gonna crash often while using them anyways

    Unless something else is going on in the background we got proven multiple times that the fixing of this game takes way longer, apparently a load of knowledge and skill than rebuilding it in a new engine.

    At this point i'm not even bothered by it anymore, the reverted colors from the Rescue Gun should show every single person around that the devs aren't really trying that hard as we get told

    My personal opinion and tip for the current team is that, taking in consideration they wanted to deliver quality just, don't do this. if we are gonna get simple recolors that take 2 clicks but at the same time takes 2 months to be implemented then just don't. Spend that small portion of time on fixing the code rather than giving us reverse colors that we can't even get to use cause obviously they will be AP only as if those skins were product of "hard" work. As a F2P game you need to deserve the money, not ask for it as if this were some lowkey patreon

    As far as i know gamigo devs are working on other games aside S4, top it with S4 not even being one of the most important titles for them. So yes, it ain't about them being the main devs but rather the priority they gave to the games, and S4 isn't at the top of those right now, or so i got told by someone in the staff. Even tho i could say it actually needs a LOT and a LOAD of attention. Thing that it won't get as long as people keep falling for those dum deals they are making lately on a desperate way since they know the game is walking on a really thin yarn.

    It ain't normal for a game to, release a patch once in a decade and second, cancel such patch cause of unforeseen issues that should had been tested years ago and then making the community wait another decade to get such patch, IF we even get it.

    So yes, no matter how it "fixeable" S4 might be, moving to another engine while making use of already existing stuff it still a better option than wasting resources on this broken code, that has just gotten worse over the years. I don't get how someone can think that fixing a code that has got worse and worse over the years, without even having the original source to work on and no CLEAR instructions about how X and Y works is a better option than just as i've said, porting the game to another engine, Unity and Unreal are the best options right now as to some extent, if you studied game development, are easier to work on.

    The only thing that saved the game from shutting down alongside the other S4s it's because it generates money. And sadly they didn't use that money (which i believe isn't just some pennies) for good ideas that could lead the game into success

    Last thing i'm gonna say, cause i believe we are going offtopic is the fact that they are playing with the nostalgia of people and how easy some of us are to maintain the game alive, with a minimum of maintenance. If they wanted to revive the game that would had been done long ago, they can hire a more focused dev team for S4 whenever they feel like, otherwise they have lied about how big aeria was supposed to be. No matter what they say now or had said in the past, they showed multiple times they can't be trust worthy.

    As sad it could be, the game shouldn't be up and running. Wish there were more laws to prevent companies from abusing their users.

    And i'm not blaming the CMs or GMs on this one, and probably not even the PMs as a lot of stuff is out of their reach.

    I wouldn't mind losing everything on the account if that's the cost of having a reboot for S4, if we take in consideration they would develop a less p2w system (old players don't really have problems anymore with it, but newer ones do still struggle with it)

    Reworking the models should be something on their list

    S4 League can't keep on and continue in the state that it is and will be in a long time if the server still up by then, it needs a total rework. That's why i see easier to just relaunch it, all cleaned up.

    I don't wanna sound rude but there are some games that are developed by 1 person that get more patches and updates

    I know that all of this is a long-term thingy, but as i've stated on discord i really feel like you guys are agaisnt the clock. Not saying you aren't working on it but people won't wait another 10 years for the game to be playable once again. I personally took a break from the game and i'm waiting for things to settle down but i found out that, such break is taking already a few months excluiding some 2 or 3 matches i tried to play with a friend that wanted me to join him, which ended with a crashing.

    Not only the game needs optimization but it also needs content rework and NEW content which i don't know if the current devs are up to the "challenge"- I know they are actually fixing some stuff so for me at least they do deserve some token of trust. Tho that token will get rusty over time if nothing gets really done

    I don't really have any feedback to give aside some dark themes and the season-based "skins" to be honest, Some background contests would be fun i suppose

    The ball issue it's because the real room master doesn't get updated, so if he/she leaves there will be no ball unless he/she joins back. A friend had the real master when he was in the lobby and the ball didn't appear, which is an old bug, but on top of that when he left the room the real room master didn't get passed and the ball didn't appear until he joined back.

    It was a big surprise when the old devs gave us more maps for BR, they were mostly from DM but there are a few more i feel that could be added in. Mostly the Chaser ones for DM and BR.

    There are a few others i'd add for BR like Construction, Spade A, Bladecity, Neden-1/J and so on.

    You can already buy FP weapons and sets with pen. You can enchant them also with pen. You can also buy enchant chips and upgrade them also with pen.

    What more do you want? Everything to be bought with pen? You want to cut off the whole financial AP support from the game?

    Pretty sure the web ap shop can sustain the game for good.

    Makes me wonder why Prem clothes don't give 5% of PEN and EXP all together and just EXP

    Either way, i hope to see the basic set added to the AP Shop in all of it's colors