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    Hello to new and old im simonmana a craptastic kpop trash person reviving from the dead because i was updating all of my account emails.Should you choose to nuke me like Kim Jong Un you will need to target Bulgaria in Eastern Europe.I use dark mode since im no pleb and i main twin daggers , sentry turret and mind shock because i can.

    The game suffers the common issue of having its retention seeking systems feel like chores instead of an activity.Having the rewards be removed from the core gameplay loop and feel like a totaly different game seperate from the fps.You can throw all the costumes and reskins that you can muster and plead people to take the time to unlock them.But apart from ocd completionists most people id guess will get what they like and stick with it.

    Using Winterstorms Underwatch as an example the weekly rotating game modes with quirks would be a much better way of getting people back in the door weekly.Maybe have some random leaderboard minigames on a seperate tab?Some emotes?

    Also ive been out of the loop but last i remmeber the game had no matchmaking?Maybe rooms arent the way to go.Have ranked and QP matchmade games and private public rooms that dont give stuff towards events missions and so on?Thats a big shake up of how the game operates and might be impossible due to how historically disconnected the games production and distribution has been.But the core game is fun everything around it unfortunately screams outdated and i dont mean stupid trends just the experience is far from other game offerings.And the proof is in the pudding.And if you stick with room based matchmaking bring the lobby back put some second life furniture in it.Give the king the ability to show off what he earned/lucked into.