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    I saw on discord that Hella needs a new thread. So lets make one. (I'm honestly bored by the way because I have to wait)

    So here are 2 things you probably never knew but you actually don't need to know!

    Number 1:

    When you click on a name in the chatbox (or whatever it is called) in the lobby you can open the whisp function with him/her!

    Number 2:

    You know these numbers (yellow box) at the name in the lobby where you can open the information about the set and weapons (if the info is not blocked). Well if you doubleclick on it fast you open the Userinfo of that person!

    Thanks for letting me educate you and hope this helps you out in the future in I don't know what… yeah.

    The Terms of Service changed and I didn't realize that at all.

    Anyone saw or got informed about the changes six weeks before it came into effect? For my part I never had the chance to object because you did not inform me.

    Dear aeria games/gamigo. If you want people to stick to your Terms of Service then how about you start there yourselves? :rolleyes:

    Because they don't want to add it or are just too lazy for it. It is just a recolor from the current ones and doesn't take months to do so. That doesn't mean they have to the rainbow longtail but wouldn't be a problem with other colors/skins. Releasing skins with many color variations would also make more money flow tho

    Well I agree with most of it but I honestly don't have a problem with the stun or the dash. If we only take the weapon itself into consideration I feel the light slash hitbox is really irritating and way too big. Other than that I think the weapon itself is fine. Factors like unpredictable enchants/laghits, boosted up forcepacks, esper chips, unique skills are making everything just broken. Making you sometimes feel like you play this game since days because hits that shouldn't hit you are hitting you (what a strange sentence). I think you get what I mean.

    -Also, it used t be that you could not dash carelessly into the goal against a revolver player since they had the ability to make you miss your dash if they hit you at the right timing, but it doesn't seem to happen very often anymore, although I can't tell if it is because of the Rev/Shotty/HG/Dual nerfs or because of server latency.

    Just an addition the reduce blow/knockback enchants. I guess this is also a factor to the already mentioned lags.

    true, people should be forced to play stuff they don't feel like

    You mean against stuff they can't handle ;)

    Yeah i totally agree, it's not like it was usefull to kick people who are afk for 15 minutes or people with 900 ms, let's just keep them in the room, dont improve the system just get rid of it, that's the solution ^^

    Don't forget to kick amateur players and people that break stupid room rules :D

    Crying over spillled milk again?

    You got caps, items, pen, a second christmas event and not to mention the recent codes and the year event with full fp sets. If you don't like it don't take it easy as that. They don't have to give you anything in the first place.

    And yes Idc about the rewards because I get the least use out of the events most of the time so grow up I would say.

    Sure would be nice if it would be perm but you got so many stuff anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I still think that Sericaia will have an overall positive impact on S4 League in the long run.

    And how long should this take? Sericaia is maybe a nice guy/girl (how should I know), but feels like we are back to 0 with communication. Not to mention that he probably wont be here for long anyway.

    Aside from the current game situation (disconnects, etc.) they are pretty lazy. Bringing out a patch with just a changed/recolored weaponskin would be so easy and fast done but nah o.o

    The devs that are working on the game and Instagram as example have nothing to do in common. Even if it looks like they are focusing outside on Instagram as example the devs are still working on the game.

    I'm not defending them just wanted to point out that these are 2 different teams/sections.

    Some of them even shared ticket screenshots on s4db to show "how they scammed Aeria" and got their accounts back

    Not denying it. But that means some people negotiate with them and were smart enough to scam em while many probably don't even try to negotiate at all. Doesn't really make the part you quoted wrong.

    Edit: And by the way subscribe to PewDiePie

    Cuz they unbanned some of them 8o

    You don't know why they got unbanned and probably never are going to because they don't are allowed to give people this information.

    I'm kinda sure many of those banned people never actually tried to negotiate with the S4 League team in the first place.

    Justice above all.

    The justice here is called aeria games/gamigo. Nothing else.

    i spent thons of money on my accounts.Its not about the money its about the respect cuz not so many ppl can spend money.If u are rich asf and dont give a "moment" about others okey but let's take look about this situation where new player join to play s4 league and a group of ppl with +3000000000 damage FP items kill him in 0,1 second.What kind of fun u can get from this experience die constantly while they are super pay to win vs you the normal one without any fp item.?Why u should paid for event items which were given for free years a go hm ?>That's im talking about.PLUS THIS LOOT SYSTEM WHICH IS TOTAL GARBAGE is super unfair for all of us

    Okay. Respect huh? So you tell me after the event is over the new players can go and fu emselfes. That indeed is a good way.

    I play against this +30000000 damage FP items that kill me in 0,1 second. I'm playing full PEN stats by the way (means I'm rich af)

    Years ago. It is now and not years ago. Years ago there were no FP items at all. Why are FP items here? They were not here years ago...

    Isn't it unfair for everyone that paid tons of money to get the items?

    Then don't use it. I'm not using this loot system as well.

    even if its perm it doesnt look good xd

    This is what I'm talking about! xD

    I think they should put this form where u can choose atleast 2 sets for male and 2 sets for female perm cuz its 10 years old game + korea surrendered and close their original one. :C Additional altleast 1 hair for female/male and x2 accesorries and x2 face for both male/female.This will be good reward.Not some random task with some random rewards :C

    How about you buy it with AP?! :O

    K, i drew it with my two hands (actually with left, im left-handed) but now im in dilemma... It had to be that Santa pet with headphones or anything s4 and xmas related cuz i did fumbi with santa clothes, will it count tho?

    I don't think with "a Santa" is actually meant the pet. Should be fine I guess.