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    Here is my entry, i know it may look a little simple, but i thought i'd make a compilation and recut of all the S4 League trailers of the past 10 years for it's 10th anniversary. The edit is subtle and if its not noticable as good then thats what i wanted to achieve, rather than put a lot of overlays and over the top effects on it. My goal was to make a summary of the trailers with a decent flow and feeling to it. It was too long though sadly with a whole 10 seasons so i had to lengthen the song a bit. Thought it was interesting though to limit myself only to the trailer footage. Theres a lot of pan and cropping effects, with subtle color corrections and speed alterations to make it feel a little more fluid and less of a recut mess with syncs to almost every cut and action on screen, sometimes i ran into limitations of original footage, especially in the framerate and quality department but yeah, not sure if thats what you were looking for but well.

    IGN: Lancuria

    Oh that might be, well disqualified i guess, didn't check that, just liked the style, it fit really well, unfortunate. It was fanart from 2009, didn't check because of the date.

    Edit: I switched the fanart to original art, doesn't work as well but i thought i'd give it a try anyways, sorry my bad:

    The style just looked coo. Thanks for reminding me Hella, maybe this still counts now

    So here's my submission, i hope the gist of it is understandable, let me know what you think.


    IGN: Lancuria

    I like the logo. The blue looks very nice although the red "league" pisses me off. I think it would look better if it was in different color (would suggest blue, since the logo is in a blue theme) and maybe different font. :/

    I know, i personally like the red and im aware that its not everyones taste, it's a hard contrast but well i took the risk. I am aware of the red. Blue wouldn't work though because its almost too monochromatic then

    Hey, looks pretty good, but the word league it looks a bit weird, maybe the font, personally i like it

    And yeah i'll be honest, i'm really bad with fonts. I just picked a really basic one that at least wouldn't clash with anything. I do have the full PSD still so the red and font could be switched out if wanted to, but no risk no fun

    [Railgun nerf]

    Keep the way it shoots the same, i don't like shooting on button release, shooting when pressing feels better. Remove the slow effect on charged shots and switch with the completely unnecessary blow effect of uncharged shots. There is nothing more stupid than airhugging uncharged railgun shots being an effective thing, and actually being really annoying and disruptive. Maybe decrease magazine size in general.

    Please don't destroy it, just remove the annoying parts of it, mostly being the spam shots and the slow effect imo. Rest is fine. Just please leave it on press to shoot, not release to shoot as it originally was.

    Now i'm going on a limb here but since you said destruction glitch etc.. well i made this, i understand that this may not appeal to anyone but you know. Everything is created from scratch or photographed by me, like the background, so no copyright issues except the glitch art.. but yeah that should be fine Alice6I'm prepared for some mixed feedback

    Whos the guy with the Tattoo on the left Hand? Is that you? May i see? I may or may not be into and interested in that. Creepybear

    The 5 people playing the game when you actually make a real and solid change will be very happy. Meanwhile, keep throwing excuses and "CONFIDENTIAL" topics, hah.

    I don't understand why everything has to be trashed. Even if the game is in a weird spot, trashing everything and being only negative will help nothing, nor is it constructive. It's very easy as the user to call everything an excuse, and blame everything on someone else. The PM letters are a good start, it's going upwards with all the new changes, so why still trash everything? Personally i feel like the trend is good, they are doing a lot right atm. Also from 5 happy players will come more. So no reason for that this to be a bad thing.

    It'll be hard for us idiots to understand everything here ;P
    I have a question.

    What kind of event would you say would make sense?

    In the past we had events where you could get rewards for several games per day (with those token events), so we actually reduced them to fewer coins per day (or more per game), so that you get your items in a few games that you'd probably play anyway.

    But what would be an event where you aren't farming and would be fun? I'd love to hear some ideas. Don't worry too much about implementation difficulty, just drop some ideas.

    Now this may be a bit out there, but how about something like a random weapon mode? Call it mystery weapon or something similar, make it any game mode, and give the players 3 random weapons upon each death. And give rewards after completing a match. Not sure how that would play out but it's something i guess.

    Sadly the only way I think players won't farm events is if they're monitored by GMs. With the amount of "Jump (not so disguised farm) rooms" we see in game, we know they'll farm at any chance they're given. Even if there are many rooms, and GMs check on each one, we know they'll just "pretend" to play while they enter, and then proceed back to farming when they leave.

    Also, what about a team oriented DM event? Focusing on assist points rather than being that op hero with the most personal kills?

    Or how about an event based on Style, (Based on one of the 4 S's in S4)? Where you and your friends record the most stylish team oriented combo attack you can think of in GIF or Video format? (For example, Teamate A Launches someone into the air with Exo, then Teamate B Headshots launched enemy player with Sharpshooter).

    The problem with the DM event is that everyone would get other players on low HP and then just not kill them, since obviously killing does not help you in an way, which would eventually probably end in a very unfun game where you have to "snipe" assists, which would be awkward imo. I see your idea though.

    Am I the only one who likes pineapple on pizza? I mean, I don't prefer it but I also don't mind if they're there.

    No not really, i wouldn't go out of my way to get it, but i wont throw a tantrum if they are there, if that makes sense