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    Congratulations to the winners! I wonder how the sets will look in game~

    But since they are all female will there be male versions implemented into the game too?

    Also is it both designs for the first place that are implemented (a total of 4 outfits not 3) ?

    The only thing about letting people vote that I don't like is that friends will most likely vote for their friends regardless of quality and all that.

    Also I feel like how it's set up on facebook is just really wrong, basically what B3mo said.

    But based off facebook, I guess we can just determine the winners now ? :/

    I'm so disappointed about this event. Watching what kind of ideas are uploaded by the most of the artists here makesme feel so sad about future contest of s4 league. Nothing personal to anyone of participants but guys before you post your "art work" please take care of your skills and the most important - the concept of the game. Because if u had played back in 2009 to 2011 you simple can see example for what exactly i mean when talking about good sets and stuff. Slowly and roughly you turn this game in some kind of Space MMO not the Esper Stylish Shooter League that was meant to be D: I know its about the personal preferences but it is just annoying for me and i'm pretty sure it's same for other old players from the beta.i hope that some of you will put more effort create something awesome. Thank you for your attention and I wish you the best !

    I like to think I tried to kind of go in a more S4 direction... but just to clarify, what kind of sets would you say is an example of that?

    Also I didn't think anyone did really space designs, more like medieval type designs for some


    For my submission I call it Code-Z, after the Zerone code in the S4 story from Season 1. I just like the name Zerone for the most part and my submission is based off the look of code.

    Even though it's just an outfit design I do have bits of thoughts for the characters, either as some sort of siblings or code that came to life (idea I got from the S4 story).

    Anyway, here is the set.

    Nickname: Clain*

    Set name: Code- Z


    Wish I came up with more color ideas as well, hope they still look alright enough ^-^"

    Also they both have 01 on their sleeves, hope I made that noticeable.

    Another thing I wanted to add was that the shoes are suppose to be like platform sneakers , kind of. Hope I also got that across

    Also a link to the female outfit without the hair blocking it, it's fairly simple.

    I can't wait to see the changes we will get for S4. I really love these Q and A sessions!

    I'm most interested in seeing any graphic changes and also how the story line of S4 will proceed/change.

    Hiya everyone!

    My username is Clain* however it was originally momotsu. I had a couple accounts on S4 but I'd say momotsu/Clain* is my main (again).

    I started S4 back before Season 1, not sure when that was though...

    I've always played more of a supporting role. I frequently play off and on again but trying to be much more active because S4 still and probably will always be, my favorite game.

    I made some great friends on S4 and many memories too, so I hope I make new ones and perhaps see some old friends I also had.

    About me, there isn't much to say. I'm someone who loves art and travel; that's mostly it.^^