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    if you have received a global ban from battleye, you will have to contact battleye directly under this link:

    if it's you're not able to login and it says banned, then try with our customer support:

    ban details won't be discussed in public or in private message. The only way to get information is through one of these two links

    Ty Heiliger and that global ban message just happen in my account s4 and not and my other account semi pro :P

    I would like to know this type of ban if I have not used anything illegal or if it is the global ban I understand that it refers to ip ban but when the ip ban was started my country was not on that list and now it happens this could help me please.

    Good evening / Days: I would like to start talking about this problem that I do not know if you have noticed that sometimes some players raise the ping in an unstable way until I reach the 13k or 7k of more experiment by myself and I would like me to answer about this since I am Latino and no, I do not have ID-Ban or enter a host program but I would like to say that I saw the Americans at 40 -50 ms and now I see them in 100 - 250 ms and the Europeans I saw in 70 - 90 ms and now 200 - 300 ms and it is something that is happening since they updated the s4 and I finish this waiting for an answer. Thanks for your great services.:)