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    Ehm... the Korea s4 stopped existing yes. The Korean publisher was not the Korean developer team. The same here in EU with aeria games. The developer is still in Korea and the publisher is aeria games in Germany. So the developer team was/is responsible for the content in game and not the publisher.

    Hope it is understandable written and you learned something :/

    no sorry can u repeat?

    They ban fro multiple stupid reasons on the official discord, especially if u say something to the GS, doesnt matter if u are mean to other members whether chat or voice chat, if u say some slightly "offensive" things to a GS, for example "you are not doing ur job well" u get either instantly muted or banned.

    I see that you got few wrong viewpoints. First of all, we don't just ban on discord we warn those with bad behaviour and if we didn't care about the playerbase, would we answer your questions or would I answer to this reply? We know that the game has gone through a lot in the past and it can go only better starting now. Also, a GS account was never shared with hackers. That being said, I can only recommend you to wait for further news from our side, since we also highly have to depend on the developers. You may not think it but we all take our work seriously by bringing out events, supporting the players on forum, discord and ingame. We also started to stream again. If you have any issues with something a GM has done wrong, don't hold back on poking me or a CM in this regard

    Are you for real? I personally witnessed a GS account on Discord getting hacked and messing up ur official discord ... why are you trying to hide your team's incompetence so much, there were a lot of people who witnessed it as well. I've seen people on discord getting banned just because they said the word "homophobe" to a GS for censoring words like g.ay or le.sbian, without any notice. Not to mention the constant ignorance in discord from the team's GS's. And lemme get this right ... events? Your so called events are the same thing overdone 6541648 times. Yeah the BR event where u had to kill the GS and take a screen was fun a few times but afterwards it got boring, plus it is not like you could get anything from those caps since the chances are so low unless u had an 100% booster or a x5 booster. That being said I am disappointed with the so called GM's trying to hide things and hiding everything from the players.

    everything wrong with s4: their team is full of people that are not interested in making the game better anyhow

    For example: GS's who dont care much about the playerbase and hang around discord the whole day muting and banning everyone there as soon as somebody said something they considered "wrong". Not to mention the GS's that were sharing their accounts with hackers.

    Aeria which is only interested in milking this game till the end, I assure u they pretty much gave up on s4 and will not do anything to make it better anyhow because thats not in their best interest. As long as the money keep coming it, which I assure u does, even the smallest sum, they wont do anything about it because they are still getting money for doing literally nothing lol.

    That being said s4 cannot be saved anymore unless it is picked up by some good company that is going to improve this game for the best. Maybe get a better team of GS's GM's and CM's