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    Did you make any improvements in the game? No

    Did you interact with the ENTIRE community? No, only germans

    Did u make any significant changes in the S4 community by bringing in more people? No

    Did you delete messages on discord that disagreed with ur way of doing things? Yes

    Did you delete comments on the forum because you didn't like them? Yes

    Therefore, I shall say my goodbye with the hope that we will be getting better CM's from now on

    What was the point of doing that? The game is pretty much dead, you should focus on fixing the issues not getting rid of the staff, you know what they say, and old evil is better than a new one. You guys keep doing these useless things while people run around crashing servers. The game literally went down from 1k people to 100 in one month yet no GM, CM or PM cares to even bring that up or discuss it with the community. You hang around the discord server in the secret voice chats, you do not speak to the english community even though you are part English CM as well. Give information about the current situation to everyone in english, we all deserve it not only a small population of this community.

    Is u dumb? Is you ok? Is u blind? Two years ago there were less people? I guess you have't paid attention to the fact that French/German/Turkish were all very active servers & EU 1 being the most active of them all, compared to the situation we have today with a bunch of people playing on EU1 and dead servers like French and German & semi dead Turkish. This community never fails to amuse me.

    Does Aeria staff pay u to say bs like this? LOL

    I tried really hard to understand what you were trying to say but that English is just incomprehensible, sorry

    Already have a submission for the meme contest, so I'll just put it here:


    Why does this community think that every single thing said against the game is hate and toxicity, people are just being real based on the REAL experiences from the past few years.

    Edit: You need to look up the definition of hatred and toxicity in the urban dictionary, I hope it helps

    Thanks a lot for the time dedicated to one player u felt threatened by, if only you spent that precious time on working on improvements for the game, starting with the horrible GUI itself, rather than writing pointless songs (;

    This thread/post is the opposite of what are you saying ^^
    It will get better from now on, just have hope ^^ I have faith in S4's future now
    And, I think the game is doing better recently, they put a lot of effort into everything that they did (everything that they COULD do)
    Now they can do even more things , making feedback a reality ^^

    Yeah your hope and faith is all cute and stuff like a superhero movie, but u have to look at this in the other way, this is a business hope and faith is not what makes money in a business. Low player base means lower income for Aeria, I dont think that they are interested at this point in making this game any better because the numbers keep decreasing, in fact it is going to get worse in the following months I have no doubts about it (:

    Edit: Unless they come up with some genius marketing idea thats going to bring like 2k of people back, which at this point imo is impossible, nobodys interested in keeping the game alive for 1k people out of which only approximately 100 donate regularly

    The game isn't dead. I mean the kr version surely was but the devs didn't want to listen to our community anyway.

    Btw there are already capsules that cost 3 and more times. Either way, there are web shop promotions all the time anyway.

    I am actually hoping the biggest issues with the game to finally get adressed like the lack of unlimited rooms and other maps modes.

    Why are you making up stuff man? The game isnt dead? Statistics aka REAL NUMBERS say otherwise, it just takes a few clicks to check s4db's statistics to realize simple stuff like that. I feel like this community is delusional or something, the game is clearly doing worse and worse each month, and you don't need to be a genius to realize that.

    It is not their fault or problem that this community is full of ignorants ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¨

    If you don't want to join, then don't. But stop ruining the events to others. But I know it would be too kind for you xD

    Can you explain how am I ruining the event? Do you see me convincing people not to participate? Dont be a hypocrite u know very well yourself that u are pretty ignorant XDD

    the probability for ingame capsules is 1%. This isn't a secret and we won't change sokething that important without letting you know. Of course I'm not sying that this is the best purchase model.

    About the tournament cancel, we know that S4League has always been a bug mess with multiple exploit holes. You gotta also admit that we're slowly closing these holes to improve the game experience. If I can say it so, the game is slowly returning in my opinion. And no, I'm not defending but seeing it objectively.

    The game is not slowly returning, in fact at this point it is at its worst because the number of players has decreased DRASTICALLY compared to 1 year ago at this same time when there were 2k+ people playing, stop deceiving the 10 people that still no life this dead forum

    It is not like its going to bring back the community it once had, staff is too busy banning people who abuse the bugs even tho banning wont stop anyone from doing so, instead of actually FIXING issues in game, logic

    Even at this point they are scared of those people that get free stuff cause they are trying to milk this till the end, laughable

    I am not obsessing over this game closing down, I am just dissatisfied with the current people that manage it and brought it to the state it is in today, and u know they are going to milk it for all its worth till it closes down. Be real, this game is not going to get any better and the community is not going to enlarge "miraculously", at this point it is just a money grab, hence the reason why we don't see any more content being implemented in the game, I give it a year at max. :/

    I dont believe you, all times when i PM Heili he always answer so quickly, so i dont trust you, and also he's the most active GM here.

    never asked u to believe me...

    I am only speaking about my personal experience with them, if u believe it or not that it is not my business