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    nothing new in this video once again video about over glorified TD station 2

    yap about how everything is overpowered how nothing cant be countered (which is a lie)

    and stats ? im pretty sure most people dont care about them anymore.

    It still have HP bonuses and such. Also it will probably be too much if it gives you other advantage other than already turning you into a pen bank.

    I woudl say it is the only skill that is actually balanced. if anything, it is the others that needs nerfing (except the style one)

    the style one its totaly useless in my book i see no real use for that troll tiny slide at all

    Theme plates for the sets/faces and weapons so we can skin them xD since all the old sets would look GLORIOUS if they had the resolution of the few new sets +.+ i mean common aeria let me make you all the textures for old sets they will look 100x better and far more detailed...seriously tho if i could id make all old sets with better res and least with 5 collor variants each male/female ppl would tear my arms off..

    outside of that day dreaming

    all the faces accessorys and WHY THE HELL not all the caps that ever existed in the game since

    lets be onest is there any reason to keep old caps out of the game now since i doubt there is any reasonable cash income from this game now..

    And mainly all the other stuff that was only on korea S4 and it still never came here (mainly the few new faces)

    but i doubt anything will change.. one can least dream i gues xD

    I actually use jump rooms to practice jumps, and in those rooms that i've been in most people do use the rooms to practice jumps... but sure okay Foxtailgirl

    so basicaly you farm as well..but what ever..and i dont really belive you making that statement (that you really practice xD) anyway and what ppl what rooms ? i only found 90% just afk or trolls that kill you for ammusement.

    But meybe it changed donno i stoped playing nearly over year now..but i gues good for you and good luck on those jumps than.

    You sound like you tried to show up in an S5 room with full prems and it didn't go well for you.

    This is not S5 issue there are many jerks on the game that do it just to insure victory or they simply yell on chat KICK THAT NOOB!! entire game...

    you forgot the weapon limitation of the self called "pros" and the vote kick abuse... xD

    the weapon limit rooms (sometimes) wer ok if they had reasonable meaning and not today 500x rooms with

    No heal no shock no F

    as for vote kick abuse i seen many ppl that kick noobs becuase they wer noobs and played bad so yes thats another problem..

    only old timers OS ppl have fun in this game noone else

    So called jump rooms (aka lazy azz exp pen farmers room) or (germa dirty or troll chat room) are kinda dead beefs

    than there is all the glore duck ! who play 1 map 1 mode OS 24/7 and call them selfs pro (and most cant even aim with gun)

    Some veterans give up and just make new account and beat up noobs on nowbie channel..

    most newbies get put off the moment they see 99.9% of the game is just OS ST2 24/7 spam

    in game that supose to be 3rd person shooter

    (i wont mention the cash side of the game)

    so onestly how this can be fun or inviting for any new player of S4 League.

    Look on it a bit the community (i dont mean the ppl in forums so you all i mean those OS trolls who never come here) and the game right now just dosnt invite or lure anyone anymore..those who left are sick of it and newbies get easly put off by many cons..

    But suicide means they're willing to sacrifice their personal score, and if it's TD (7 seconds) of valuable time since there's no instant re spawn in that mode. Suicide was not meant to be something one can intentionally do, and I do wish some further punishment could be done to the player for doing it intentionally. Sadly though there's no way for the game to know if it was intentional or not. For other modes, they could do something like make it so players can't use coin buffs if they Suicide. (No instant spawning for full ammo, or even now no suicide for quick bomb reloads).

    Id hate to break it for you but try hards and play-for-wins users dont bother with personal scores..

    Why you all bother with unlimited ammo now whene unlimited is dead anyway ? unlimited or limited nothing will change in the rooms game play wise.

    as i say give everyone FP items or remove stats completely as for compersation i wudnt want any as long all perm items remain perm as they are now i mean i may play since beta back than all was PEN and perma items been for bigger PEN price now i only use AP items yet i su ck at the game like noone else xD but as i say i only buy for perma items stats in my opinion could go

    but its ture some ppl will tell you they buy for stats so not everyone will agree stats removing room is good idea but better would be room that makes all stats PEN or room that makes all stats FP or AP or least make these rooms for tourny events.

    Thats the thing, for people that are competitive but cant afford the stats, they are put straight into a bad position eg new players if there is some. Theres little skill gap invovled when someone can just 1-2 shot you compared to someone actually having to really aim and hit you 3-5 times. Like me for example Im competitive in other games besides this because of the little skill gap involved in the main modes TD or DM where everyone is almost max enchants 1-2 hitting you. Ive playered from beta so I got over this aspect but for new or pen users it wouldnt be such a fun time. How will the game grow at this rate. What you're saying is correct btw im just suggesting my opinion.

    no worry i agree with you.

    Even the adjustments for such should be saved up somewhere tho, i just hope we really get a GUI change and a good one at last

    onestly id hope to see all old costumes remade with better texture res. (the day dream) as for GUI it dosnt really mather to me all that much donno why ppl are so much triggered about it

    Yeah but when you do comparisons for example like you said ow. The margin is very wide, because in s4 costumes and skins offer you inagme advantages like the stats. Ive tried to play pen several times against normal players, its just so disadvantageous. Not counting in the factor of the pay to win enchants that I have seen from alot of people ontop of the difference between pen and ap stats.

    you know what the say if ppl are OP give the power to everyone than nobody will be OP xD

    as for enchants they dont bother me all that much i think ppl make to much big fish about that really

    but its true AP items are OP next to pen now i do use only AP things completely but my main issues back in the time was that i hate timed items

    not everyone can donate but game cant run dry out of money its rather hard making anything to change this

    It would make it alot easier for starting players to catchup to the older players as well

    thats true im sure thats issue for some new ppl that start to play this game unless they are just old pros on noob account that should be prevented..

    Gambling will probably never go but i am hoping for more perm stuff in the shop.

    you dont need more perma stuff your already buried under tons of item xD

    Dude, are you 24/7 Siege farmer? All i can say with your reply.

    I hate TD. And also i I only play TD because there are no rooms, only FM and Jump German.

    1st not dude 2nd i never farmed

    tho its true that only TD trolness and germans farming

    Well i still have doubts the game will get any better as i feel its bit to late..

    but meybe im wrong who knows meybe i even run into unlimited users who play the game for fun again....meybe..and meybe new friends with it..

    but for all those S4lovers i mean the real once i wish you good luck for better future of S4 league <3

    Compared to the past?

    Sorry to break it down but S4 never got a really high player base, surely we had more back then but that's what happens when you don't reach max level in 1 month

    it wasnt great yea but was still better than today as for the rest --that dosnt make sence at all--

    7The game is 10 years old after all.

    However there are tons of unlimited players who left cuz unlimited mode got neglected. If something is finally done to encourage unlimited gameplay a lot of ppl would return. It is not like the ppl don't like unlimited but it is just the sword only mode that got pupular over the years all for the wrong reasons.

    please dont adress me as noob i know you,and S4 as long as you...

    well i gues good luck tho meybe it will be better..

    i know why ppl leave and why i say the game is dead.

    Yes there are players but TD ST2 who all are self proclaimed pros of S4 or 24/7 german farm rooms..i cant call that lively game..sorry

    The game isn't dead. I mean the kr version surely was but the devs didn't want to listen to our community anyway.

    Btw there are already capsules that cost 3 and more times. Either way, there are web shop promotions all the time anyway.

    I am actually hoping the biggest issues with the game to finally get adressed like the lack of unlimited rooms and other maps modes.

    compared to its past its dead..this is all nice but i have bad feeling this will generate more hate towards Aeria.

    lack of unlimited rooms cant be fixed unless community changes so good luck with that..

    hmm interesting i do wonder if that will be worth for Aeria games to invest in game thats already dead out thanks to its community..

    so ... now we can expect new Z capsule that will cost 3x the AP will be 0.1% win rate and the gears will be 3x as OP

    the moment you nerf all ranged weapons and make counter sword all GA- OP countering everything again il quit.

    this dosnt make sence at all...

    1st of all lag in ch EU 1 is mostly becuase there are ppl from many regions main issue is NA users being on EU getting lag cuase of ban IP what that even means..

    groups of 30k S4 users ? loool you wish 5k meybe get real

    doing private server will only kill the game faster you wanna break the community into more servers there is little to no rooms already (if you dont count german farming rooms or stupid ST2 TD 24/7 melle spam) and private or official those do not decide how many hackers there will be in my experience private server have more hackers in the long run.

    aeria games run official service and THEY CANNOT run private server.

    no mather what server for S4 you do it will never be without so called pay to win mechanic sure there is degree of truth in that but unless you own the server your self than id like to know how you gona keep it online deffinetly not for free.

    Onestly i would be far more interested if all the old sets and Master set as well had Bigger Texture resolution like the few last (new) sets

    im sure im not the only one who would like to see them all refreshed.

    In my experience every private server usualy get all the hackers and idio.. that usualy end up banned on officials just to haras more ppl there also i dont think if official will die that ppl move to private i mean why would they ?

    noone is gona buy all that they lost (gears weapons skins and that goes on...)

    the server community will be made of of the same monocellbrain TD ST2 melle 24/7 users only

    real S4 players will just leave becuase there will simply be nothing to play outside the mode the shown above

    custome (fanmade) map ? if they are all based on ideas from the same monocellbrain TD ST2 melle 24/7 users? than no thanks waste of time...

    i can see the stupid community ideas right now on private server

    breaker spam speed 2x and will stun everytime,twinblade jump atack range 200%

    counter sword will counter everything in game even bomb and F skills and will have its damage increased by 200% and its jump atack will hit 500% area in 360 degree

    every unlimited user will be adress as noob

    nope not worth at all.

    Brk+Exo was so fun :( (loved dm cuz of it)

    But since u can't hit someone in the air now (i hate dm)

    no joke bring it back!

    lamers combo and DM ? what DM ? you mean all theose farm rooms ? becuase i dont see any legit DM rooms on the game..

    I really like step 5.

    To be serious, I really like many of the ideas you have collected here and would like to see them in the game.

    Some of them would really give a new and fresh look to the game.

    onestly the game could use allot of old stuff for refreshment like making ALL old costume sets use same texture file (bigger size) like the few new costumes(im sure allot of ppl would love to see secret agent girl or master set in full HD (or least in bigger res))

    same for some weapons,faces some maps as well.

    S4 has a story?!

    it has and actualy really epic one sadly parts of the story got cut out from game (scenario cutscenes) as for the ending whene you defeat the virus the story had 2nd part but it was scrapped and never picked up again.

    Get rid of the room system and replace it with quick play queue so don't have to wait 30 mins to fill a room and then having a flood of entry lag from ppl rusnig to join once the match has started.

    No stat room option - seems like resonable solution for the p2w problem

    Open world channel lobby - just for taste and to replace the need of jump rooms

    1st wont work please look in game more often before you say we need quick play quele...

    no stats room yes thats good

    Remove melle only mode OR remove all EXP and PEN from melle only modes sorry but melle only needs to get punished its WAY OUT OF HAND!! and its killing the since repair is gone i see no longer reason to give them pen (yea you can hate me all you want)

    Ppl have been doing that all the time but nowadays even that seems hard to achieve.

    Maybe we will get a diferent way to get the combi set some day.

    im not really even interested in it my self so its fine.

    I am not sure, but I think the problems you have described (the toxic os TDS and the st2 TDS) it's just a symptom of a small community. I have played a lot of online games, and honestly this is common in those not that popular.

    Your assumption is wrong the game had much larger community than its today. The blame for that are mainly 2 melle only rooms and hackers

    back in time whene melle only rooms became a thing ppl still played all mods and the room selection was still pretty even how ever later that time as you say hackers start to come more and more and than what we all know has started.

    Aim bots

    1 hit kills

    Wall shots (thru many walls over antire map)

    infinite hp

    whene hackers got taken care of (not fully) but to some decent rate 2nd wave of C... has come

    wall shot abusers,glichers,revo-shotgun spamers (aka air hug) which is mainly a glich and not game play as ppl asume (and no not everyone can do it becuase of system limits)

    and so forth ppl got anoyed more so they decided to change to melle only and start making exuses on every gun in the game

    To op

    to much ammo

    to much damage

    to much spam

    no aim noob kills

    and so on the list is pretty much infinite..

    while ppl say there is line of skill in melle matches and i gues they are right most old veteran players in S4 are here for unlimited matches not 24/7 melle spam on single mode on single map and since the game lately only boost player base with melle weapon skins and nerfing some guns (or buffing spam on railgun) they simply get bored and quit.

    In worst scenario these veterans make new account to play unlimited in noob channel which is even worse becuase they will obviusly steam-roll any actual new player who will just asume guns are OP or that ppl are using hacks with them and simply either quit as well or turn to melle..

    Simply put the game WAS popular but it got killed especialy thanks to the melle community not becuase it has low player base..

    Yea pretty much same reasons i quited. I literaly just pop in the game once in while see that S... that ppl make in terms of rooms makes another lvl 5 chip set spends short time chatting and look on all those S4 ranked players just afk or sitting in the lobby than i leave. This game has 0 value playing anymore ppl totaly forget how to play S4 anymore...

    even senran kagura peach beach splash with all its dumb fan service is 10 more fun than this game will again ever be..sorry but its the truth

    1) dispite all chat and hella-hell wrong info its 3%

    2) no its same for AP or PEN

    3) yes it is becuase chance increases to 6%

    4) around 50 to 80 whene im lucky around 30 - 50

    I dont recomend to do mystery box in the past they wer mainly made for ppl who wanted to have new gears ahead of others

    only boxes that are somewhat worth to try are more for collectors who want secret agent girl set or some other items that do no pop in game capsules.

    Its better to treat Boxes as good income of PEN with small chance of winning your item.