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    I don't use that program.

    How exactly do you freeze and for how long? There is usually entry lag when there are ppl entering/leaving the room.

    A few seconds. My FPS goes straight down to zero. I play chaser too and from the matches I've played, I haven't gotten any from there. I don't think it's entry lag. Some matches were fine with 4+ people joining.

    I think if its an occasional freeze for like 1 sec or half sec, that has to with internet connection, or you might be using vpn which causes this too.

    My internet is fine. I've been playing TwS and I don't get much lag apart from it being server related. I don't use VPN. Why?

    - GB is in Aeria's licencing region
    - I'll get too confused even if I did try to use it
    - Because I'm a former GS, if you can't follow terms of service, you don't have any business having volunteered as long as I have.


    When playing TD, I freeze sometimes and I'm not sure why. If I wait a bit, it's fine but does this happen to anyone else? Or is it just my potato again Any solutions? :V

    I just wanted to point it it as on my browser, the paragraph spacing is longer as usual so I wasn't sure if it was something that I couldn't see anyway or something was actually there and my browser is being noobish.

    well the point is that he got the keylogger because he doesnt take security seriously and he lost his account because they are not well protected , or in s4's case oh well...even if he would want to protect his account he cant. But this is in 95% of the cases the users' fault, the 5% beging the Aeria games, which doesnt even provide methods to fight against these measures.

    "Doesn't take security seriously" then complains on the lack of security? Uwot?
    I'm assuming that he must have downloaded that lol. The point is you shouldn't download stuff that's not official or check beforehand. Like Satanic, none of my accounts have been hacked into. Why? Doing what I've mentioned as well as other things.

    Sooooo... I made another account on the forums but I had some trouble with it and had a derp moment of typing in the wrong email address. But when I checked my email, the activation email was there so I verified.

    Now, when I log in on it, I can't make any posts. It says I'm logged in (I can see that from the top) but says I need to make an account.

    Here's a screen if it helps.