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    Still depressing to me that i can wait an hour for my favorite maps and noone would join. But yeah i get your point. I don't really like chatting endlessly that much either ingame, i'd rather just play. I get where you're coming from, but i guess that's something you can't avoid with a system. The drawbacks of implementing some system to help with that would either be too strong or the upside of starting the match is too small. For example lets say EXP boost, not a lot of people would care that much about an EXP boost unless it's very drastic, and that is kinda too strong then. If you get what i'm saying.

    It sounds like a good idea, but i guess its not possible to properly implement it. I hope i am wrong though

    I personally don't understand the appeal of joining a full room, other than its already playing and i can start immediately. I personally like to play games from the beginning, rather than see what kind of match i get thrown into when joining an ongoing room. Seems like that's not the case for most people though.

    It's a shame and i end up sitting in the lobby for ongoing matches to end quite a bit, but i personally like to play a match from start to finish, instead of joining a match halfway through. Not sure though if there really is a working system to prevent something like this to happen tbh. Seems unlikely without having some bad side effects