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    Hi everyone, i have freeze if player enters the room Or Out and If he/she after entering the room clicked play
    Won't this issue be solved Or will be permanently exist ?????;(;(;(;(;(

    Hi mahmodsameh2001

    we are aware of this issue and the developer team is working on a fix for this issue, sadly there is nothing we can do to fix it partially, we apologize for the incovenients that these freezes may cause to you.

    Our most sincere apologies.


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    I think Zhav meant that the GM wasn't even that active in the forum to just pop up from nowhere and say that

    I know but doesn't matter if you are active or not in the forum to do what a CM says to us.

    The PM is on vacation, when he returns to the office he will speak with the CMs and one of them will reply to the other thread regarding that specific question that one of you did.

    Hopefully there isn't a rule against insulting staff, because they're absolutely stupid. When a GM with only 14 posts comes in and ceases your discussion about their game, that's when you know they need to reconsider their forum rules.


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    The decision of locking the topic was taken by a CM, you will get an answer to your question when the PM is back.

    Well this question was obviously addressed to you guys the S4 League Team. How the hell should we answer that? You guys messed it up not we the normal community.

    Well I mean thats right, but you don't do anything. If it is a problem here to avoid the rules why it isn't on the official S4 League discord server? The rules get broken on a daily basis there and no one f-ing cares there Opheliafacepalm

    I invite you to read this topic and to know that "we" didn't do anything to the game.

    S4League Community Managers & Game Masters

    Hi GenjuMadaMada

    This promotion has been created by gamigo AG because the game Atlas Reactor has closed. Atlas Reactor is a game of Trion Worlds, a brand of gamigo, and all those who have played Atlas Reactor before its closure, 28th June 2019, received a code to obtain these items.


    Do not revive ancient threads.

    1. If a thread has not received any answer within 60 days, it might be reasonable to create a new topic instead of answering the old one.

    We are still debating what to do with the lost accounts, meanwhile, if you want to continue with this topic, I invite you to create a new thread, thank you.



    Our player support system is evolving! Soon, we will be changing over to a new ticket system.

    This means that on the 25th of June, starting from 6:30 AM UTC we will be moving all tickets from our past system to the new system.

    This changeover will have a duration of several hours, meaning that during those hours the contact support will not be available. Though, you may directly contact our support channels through their pertaining game emails.

    Due to this change, the old email-notification links for your requests might no longer function properly. However, fear not, as you shall receive an email from our new ticket support system as soon as your requests are imported.

    Best regards,

    Your Gamigo Team


    Do not revive ancient threads.

    1. If a thread has not received any answer within 60 days, it might be reasonable to create a new topic instead of answering the old one.


    I didn't even knew this event is a thing until I saw the room ingame.

    Bumping for visibility since threads without posts doesn't trigger notifications.

    We pinged on discord aswell, didnt you receive the notification there?


    Hello Leaguers!

    Once again, the time has come to chase our Game Masters. Don't miss this chance to teach them the ins and outs and be rewarded with a bounty.


    The GM team will join or create their personal rooms! You need to kill a GM with no assist and screen it! The GM name needs to be clear enough to read.

    Note that the button to take a screenshot is F12! Don't forget it!

    Here is the list of the current GM team

    Submit your screenshot after successfully killing a GM in this form:



    You can choose 3 capsules from one of the following rewards:

    [8 capsules]

    • 3x Toy Gun Capsule
    • 3x Galaxy Counter Sword Capsule
    • 3x Space Rabbit Pet Capsule
    • 3x Marko Parrot Capsule
    • 3x Sexy Striker (F) Capsule
    • 3x Fumbi Striker (M) Capsule
    • 3x Violet (F) Capsule
    • 3x Leo (M) Capsule



    The event starts on Monday 27th of May 8:00 PM until Friday 31th of May 11:59 PM CET time.


    • You can take part only once in this event, more than one submission won’t count!
    • Only BR Rooms.
    • Your In-Game Name and the GM name should be clear.
    • You aren’t allowed to edit the screenshots in any way!
    • Submit your screenshots above in the form.
    • Your kills have to be made without assists!
    • Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made!
    • Upload your screenshots on or a similar screenshot sharing site.

    What can I do with a Ticket?

    These topics are an examples for the subject of your ticket

    • In-Game Problems

    Bugs, crashes, UI issues, in-game purchases, experience, rewards, etc.

    • A Problem with a Purchase or Payment

    General billing, real money purchases

    • Technical Problem

    Client issues, graphic issues, sound issues

    • Admin Problem with your Account

    Changes to account, bans, forgot credentials

    • General Question

    Any other question that is not related to any topic of here

    • Request a Service

    Whatever can be requested as a service

    • To do a report

    Reporting players for any violation of the ToS/Ingame-Rules

    • Issues with an Item or Package

    Haven't received an item/package in the webmall, as reward or similar.

    • Request the user ID

    The user ID will be required to contact the EAC support.

    So now that you know the purpose of this topics, now we can start with the Ticket.

    This is the link for the support page

    When you go to the support page you will see this:


    You don't need to login or have an account to send a ticket, so just press "Submit a request (Non Glyph Account)"

    Next you will see this:


    Don't change the topic "Non Glyph Account" unless your problem is not related with gamigo group or Aeria Games.

    Your email address*: Introduce an email address to which you have access, you will have to answer the tickets from there.

    What Type Of Issue You Have?: (It isn't mandatory to fill in this field, so you can leave it empty)

    • Account Deletion: To make a query about the elimination of your account.
    • Account Issues: Problems accessing your account, changing data, problems with any package in the store, etc.
    • GM Services: Request the service of some GM of the game.
    • In Game Issues: Problems within the game, something doesn't work as it should, errors (i.e. DB Error).
    • Payment Problem: Problems with some payment, errors when paying.
    • Report a Player: Report a player either by hacks, farm, bug abuse or bad behavior.

    Gamigo Group Games* Select S4 League, unless your query is for another game.

    Subject*: Here explains as briefly as possible the reason of your ticket, with this we can classify your ticket.

    Description*: Here you will have to explain in detail the reason of your ticket. You can add links to videos too.

    Server: The server you were on (Carbon, Neon, Argon, Silicon or Lithium)

    Character Name: The name of your character in-game (i.e: DarkKing83)

    Transaction Number: It isn't mandatory to fill it out, it will only be necessary if your problem is related to a purchase.

    Attachments: Here you can upload your photos or upload a specific file that asked by the support team.

    And with this done, you can now send a ticket and wait until you get an answer. Please always check SPAM folder, sometimes our answers are filtered and end up in the SPAM folder, and this causes many users to believe that they haven't received a response.

    Thank you so much for following this little guide, if you still have any doubts you can contact me here via PM Nekkles or via Discord Nekkles#0675, you can also contact any other staff member to receive help.

    The bombs are sooo annoying. Generally I don't complain about weapons but this one... fml. And btw: yesterday I played with these cat paws (idk the name lol) when I wanted to attack with R click it happened nothing - just meeooow. Anyone else? Maybe it was just the first time. I'm gonna test it later

    This is a known issue with the Curious Cat Claws, right click doesn't deal any damage to objects/enemies. So please report the bug here If you want to make a video like i did would be so helpful.