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    Can you show us a speedtest to closest location?

    130 ms is normal if you are american cosnidering most players are from Europe. Idk how did you get 15-25 ms on the firts place.

    However the server hasn't been very stable after the last maintenance so there may be that as well.

    Which website should I do for the speed test and how to select the closest location?

    Ever since the maintenance I've had high MS on all matches. At first I though it was just my internet acting up so I tried resetting and even did a test run but everything was fine. I reinstalled the game just to be safe. Am I missing something?

    Example: Players that used to be 15-25ms are 150+ms. Gameplay lags, stutter, and has delay hits. This has been going on for a couple days now.

    Help? thanks.