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    This is a big problem for the design space of events..

    GM-hunt would be one of them though (Thanks for making such a good victim, Heiliger)

    yeah but getting across event room is all gamble. I prefer events that can be done at any time.

    q.q I don't know if I should be happy or not about this comment.

    Definitely is mocking you. i suggest to ban him. Alice4

    So same in Western boy capsule include a skill dual mastery. Interestingly, in Kitsch set as well?

    Was it shown in the description? Cuz the Kitsch one didn't.

    Either way, these caps had bugged/incomplete descriptions since they first got released (which is like 8 years ago)

    kara said in the Q&A that they have the code and they have in house devs to make new stuff for it. it is probably not easy to work with it considering even the old devs who are supposed to know their own code made a mess ever time when they add something out of the ordinary.

    True but i wouldn't mind some communication too but i bet they wants the things running just as we do. I mean why would even bother to get the code from the devs if not planning to do anything with it?

    I doubt he have leveled 5 times in a match but if that is the case, the best thing to do is to make the combi acc to complete the weapon tutorials firs since they give 100 exp when completed for a first time and it is perfect for the first few levels. Completing certain stages in scenario also gives fixed amount of exp depending on the stage and difficulty.

    Are you sure the Alaplaya version isn't that same version? Because I distinctly remember the game's backstory being posted on Alaplaya.

    yes because I was even mad why we didn't get it on our version instead (unless you are thinking about something else)

    Jesus, you're probably the only one who cares about the lore from eight years ago. We've got new lore that's mostly the same and cleaned up so this can be used as the foundation for further lore. Why make a drama out of this when this is actually the games least problem.

    It is ok. That is what real fans do.

    You should see the OW community. Getting mad over a mole on the new character.

    That version was never cancelled. That version is this version. The publishers got changed (or rather, Aeria got bought out by that publisher but the publisher chose to keep the name Aeria since it was more well known), but it's the same "version" of the game.

    I am not talking about aeria. Way before alaplaya added the NA server back in the days, there were plans for American version hosted by Neowiz NA that eventually got canceled. All what came from it was a website with a story on it that was never posted in any other version of s4.

    The wiki has quotes and videos from the official sources. For all intents and purposes, it IS official.

    I woudl understand being taken from videos etc but not everything comes from the devs. Sometimes the publishers themselves affects/changes the story. For example we don't know for sure how much authentic is the story that was posted on the NA website before that version was canceled. Part of it could have been made up by Neowiz NA instead of coming directly from the dev team.

    And yes, we CAN point those errors out, because as you said before - they don't take the story seriously. They never have. They never will. So when those of us who actually do care about the story point out an irregularity, it should be fixed if they're even *trying* to make a proper summary.

    So from where they are supposed to get that story? From the wiki? That is not an official source. The kr devs most likely have also left them in the dark assuming anyone of them remembers it since their staff got changed several times over the years too so maybe they don't have a clue about it either. Maybe they have gave them the finished story in the way they wanted it to be. We will never know.

    Like it or not, what is in the game listed as a story right now is the last word from the kr devs on the lore. Even if it is retconed and not just mistranslated, that is the way how they wanted it to be.

    The webcomic itself doesn't need to be even related to the original story of the game if they don't want to to begin with, it's their own story about S4

    And that is probably what will happen. The current comic just sums up the things that have happened so far. Everything happening after that point is most likely going to be new and progressing the main story further (unless they decide to do a flashback to a season but I doubt so since it will make the things even more complicated).

    Okay so dumb question. Does Lvl 4 solid def+4% cover melee and guns def like a lvl 4 solid shirt does? I assume it does but the shirt including melee and such makes me wonder.

    It adds to the total defense. I don't remember if that included head damage though.

    if something was retconed, it is from the side of the kr team. The comic pretty much follows the text that is written ingame.

    I wonder how many people actually read descriptions xD This is just a theory of myself but I think power shield actually got nerfed before it got released (or they just wrote some absurd stuff again). But well. I don't own power shield and I only found 1 video about it where the description is shown in German.

    Google translated it says: Create a shield in front of you that blocks enemy missiles. Can distract enemy missiles and inflict damage on the enemy. Allies who are behind the shield can shoot through it. The shield disappears as soon as a melee attack is executed.

    Could be worse ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    HMG itself isn't OP. What makes it OP is all the broken stuff around it. But someone already pointed that out.

    Seems like poor translation. In the EN version it says it deflects projectiles.

    False. The information about it being from an ancient civilization is in the actual Season 1 trailers. That is much more official than the current employees that replaced the old ones without being given the proper information.

    In fact, the story I made that's 10+ paragraphs is derived from in-game content and official content like trailers, real canon not the nonsense they makeshift put in those things in-game recently to make it sound like they know about the story of the game, which they don't.

    Ok, but lets stop and think about it.

    The story of s4 is known for blending real life events into the story. All of this is taking place in the Netsphere. In the story, the Netshpere itself is build in the time period of 1996-2007. This means everything within it is not older than 1996. With this in mind no real ancient civilization could build such a code if the Netshere didn't even exists at that time.

    Imo all this "ancient civilization code" is just a disguise made for the ppl who live inside the Netshere while in reality it is just a virus.

    Those tidbits in the game are false. They contradict the information given when the seasons were released. When the seasons were released, they told us straight up that Zerone was from an ancient civilization and they wanted to learn about that civilization so they tested it in the netsphere, it broke out and altered the rest of the netsphere. Don't trust those tooltips in-game; they weren't properly researched.

    yes but this is the only official kind of source that we got. if it has been altered it was done by the kr dev team themselves.

    Most of it matches with the original so the way how it was presented may just differs (at that point in time we knew nothing about the world or dominic. we only knew what happens in the netsphere)

    I didn't say anything about the Esper guard. The comic got the esper guard lore right. The Unions are made up of Leaguers, the comic also got that right. But the comic says that the zerone code was developed as a failsafe or something which is wrong, it's from an ancient civilization, and implementing it into the netsphere altered the netsphere to replicate its contents, which is what unleashed Ophelia.

    I edited my post about the zeron code. It is taken directly from the game.

    I assume they presented it as "ancient" from the viewpoint of the Leaguers (us) within the Netsphere who didn't know what it is at the time of when season 1 was introduced.

    The only thing different in the comic is that they retconned the official lore about Zerone being from an ancient civilization, and they changed who is in charge and basically make it sound like Unions were for getting the Leaguers to betray Lilith which isn't how the actual plot of the game went (if anything, Unions were fighting Dominic and World both).

    Esper guard is this:

    not the leaguers.

    About the Zerone code, it is ancient but all this takes place within the Netswphere (build by the World by request from Dominic)

    It is also created by the World to destroy the Netsphere when they see the Dominic aren't using the Netsphere for the intended purpose.

    Wait, isn't this plot basically a partial rip of the lore thread I posted? So you do have access to it and just chose not to re-post it? GG Aeria such integrity.

    But like Holy said above; this is way too condensed. Just re-post my thread since you obviously have it and use that properly. I don't mind, but don't try to play this off as if I didn't compile the story for you.

    I mean, you straight up left out the Arcade and Blade sections, too. That's the Leaguers' backstory. You can't just omit that.

    Maybe you can quote which part is the same?

    if it was a contents thread it is stated in the rules that aeria can use all of it as promotional material.

    Can we get a rework on Random Fumbi? It's annoying getting the same gear 3 times with same stats but its showing in your inventory as 3 different items while it's the same. Would be nice if it could get stacked.

    My guess is, it is like that to prevent you from dismantling items for higher gears since getting the same item with the same stat is very common.

    Also discarding items such as Fumbi related is quite the hassle. Especially weapons you never use cause the timer never runs out. If we could like select items freely and just click on a button " Delete " would be handy.

    it is too easy to discard then a lot of people will do it by a mistake. I agree it is an issue but there really isn't a good solution for it.

    What I do is to discard the item in the ransom shop screen in the moment I get it if it is with less than 10 days duration.

    god bless the actual HMG that for so many years has been useless

    It is funny cuz the changes that it got doesn't really change it much. The fire rate was barely changed (from 7 to 7.5 or something like that) and the movement speed still remains the lowest after the Turret and getting bombed is still pretty much a guaranteed hit.

    It means you're only allowed to defend from behind the wall in front of the goalpost in sta-2

    Well that is why I consider st2 to be a bad map.

    Also I am pretty sure most ppl will already agree that the rg is currently OP so not sure what else do you want me to say. I am talking about in general.

    What do you mean when you talk about avoiding encounters in Touch Down (I mean, I assume we're talking about touch down here since you mentioned offence and defense)? When the enemy team is pushing, you gotta defend, or they score. When your team wants to score, you still gotta get through the defense, so you don't exactly get to pick your fight too often either in that case. By the way, how is anyone supposed to avoid an encounter with a rail gun?

    Oh and by the way, there is at least one build that performs well no matter what the enemy team is playing, the only issue is that it's completely cancerous (so either way it's a loss).

    Basically staying out of their effective range unless it is absolutely necessary. That doesn't stops you from picking up the ball after a teammate die and then try to score with it or bodyblocking when someone is trying to score etc.

    You can flank snipers assuming they aren't focusing you (and your team is capable to defend on their own).

    If you think there exist builds that perform well regardless of what the enemy team is bringing, I would be happy to learn what they are.

    There aren't but you can pick your weapons in a way to serve you in different situation. You don't really have to build a offensive or defensive character excursively. if it happens to Face weapons that you can't fight against withe the current gear, you can still avoid those encounters. Everyone is pretty much in the same boat anyway.

    but if somebody gets shut down hard the whole game because of it, would you really tell them that they're to blame for not playing bomb or boots?

    The use of rg, bombs and ib is way higher than the use of hmg, so assuming those ppl use these to counter hmg is just laughable.

    Not able to switch can be a problem indeed but that is why you have 3 weapon slots instead of just 1 so you can choose your gear more wisely even if you don't know what you are going to face. It is not perfect but that is the best we got so far + the half times.