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    I saw on discord that Hella needs a new thread

    flattered <3

    I knew about the number buttons but I haven't tried to click on names. I think you can't do it during a match anyway.

    Speaking or chat, here are some commands that can be used:

    /e [player name] - chat block

    /g - clan chat

    /t - team chat

    /w or "to" [player name] - whisper

    I don't remember if the general chat had a latter

    I'm not only talking about the long tail

    ok but some of the things are just regular items without any reason to be exclusive.

    I woudl understand event items or something but I see no reason to limit regular items that should have been there always.

    Longtails went from 2k Mystery Boxes to 1.5k Perm Frenzy and now 399 AP + you can choose the colour.

    Back in my days you could get with pen from random shop.

    The prices are more reasonable now and it is just a hair like any other. I don't see why a hair should cost as much as entire set.

    why not? just a question about the dev team i didnt even ask for specific numbers or anything

    Ok but the forum is mostly meant to discuss stuff with the community. If someone of the staff answer to it, lucky for you. I am just saying there are faster ways to talk to the CMs.

    how do u know for sure they'll get tired.and you reporting the accounts they make with2 mins? i think the report takes longer than the account making process lmao

    ok, what do you suggest to be done other than banning their accounts?

    Your playtime is more than a year and you still don't know anything about the community. Amazing.

    Don't you think as some who has been in the community for so long I would be a target to such attacks more often?

    easy example would be like whats happening to glitch during his streams.

    That is just cuz he is a CM.

    Also the bets way to deal with these kind of ppl is just ignore them and report. They will get tired when they don't receive attention.

    No, they haven't. The relay tunnel issue happens all the time (we just had it earlier this week), and the thing with the game taking so long to load initially (this isn't even due to internet connection, but because connection is already initiated with it) that it shows "connection timed out" almost every single day; but because it's just the game being loaded up, it should only happen once because after restarting the game it loads super quickly. Still, many people accidentally click on the loading section before the lobby itself and get a very long Not Responding which delays the loading and results in another Connection Timed Out - using Ctrl+Alt+Dlt when in fullscreen also forces this Not Responding, and unfortunately there's no way to use the Windows button to get taskbar up instead; so you have to not do anything on your computer until you get into the lobby.

    All of these are issues that exist right now. None of them have been fixed.

    He is not talking about that. There were server crashes during the weekend.

    well even if you block people in s4 league it doesnt stop them from being able to send mails to your inbox,making new accounts are so fuken easy so getting banned wont do any good since u need like 2min to set up an account

    Who is going to waste their time with that? Once when your mailbox gets filled they won't be able to send more.

    Every online game has problems with toxic people. The reason for that I always like to call "internet b*lls" (ty urban dictionary for the explaination).

    Btw I play League of Legends, one of the biggest games out there. And chat is way more toxic than S4L.

    Idk about OS but the unlimited community is mostly friendly (probably because it is smaller than in other games)

    This is the single greatest lie in the history of online gaming. I've already told you that I've constantly seen this disproven. I've seen people in any kind of connection - just to phys server, just to virt server, just p2p, and just p2s2p - lag more as 50 than someone with 200. I've seen it over and over again. Ping is a lie. It's best as an estimation, but it doesn't determine stability, and distance does not itself accurately determine speed. It's even more of a lie when you "see" other players' ping, because that value is always different from the ping the player themself sees to the server or host. I have never, in any game, ever seen ping as a reliable measurement, because time and again it's proven to be wrong.

    No one said it guarantees stability but it measures what it is supposed to measure (and that doesn't include stability). There may be exceptions but for the most time it is pretty reliable way to tell who lags and who doesn't.

    Sometimes the game may switch the connection of a player from p2p to p2s2p if they lag too much and then you will see only your ping to the server instead of the full ping to that player but those cases aren't really that common. That has more to do with the game no longer showing RT tag after the ping if the connection switches to p2s2p.

    Not really though? Someone can have 200 ping just on a game without peer 2 peer and still lag less than someone with 50 ping. Ping lies. Add ping values into peer 2 peer which normally is also affected by distance between you and other players, and ping is even less reliable. Ping is a horrible measurement of connection speed and strength, and results in many false accusations of lag, in server p2p, in host p2p, in physical server, in virtual server... It always lies.

    Of course, it's even less reliable when you're being shown someone's else ping bar which is different from a ping value that player themself would see on a server list.

    comparing p2p to p2s2p is just wrong. Obviously p2s2p will have higher amount of lag because of the server verification but that affects all players playing the game not just 1.

    A person with 200 ping will still lag more than a person with 50 in a p2s2p game

    A person with 200 ping will still lag more than a person with 50 in a p2p game

    This reminds me of a bug... I didn't get it for a while now. But there is or was a bug where your crosshair was a combination of every available crosshair of the game. On every weapon. Most of the times it appeared when changing characters in halftime and disappeared after the first death.

    Is it still happening? I never seen such thing.

    I understand that, but from playing other peer 2 peer games - such as Vindictus - if one person was lagging, literally everyone else would lag to heck because of them, the instant that person entered the room. But in S4 League, if one person is lagging, everyone else can be in real time with no noticeable difference. That's why it just doesn't make sense to me for S4 League to be peer 2 peer, because it's a completely different situation.

    Because in other p2p games the room is hosted by a player while in S4 it is hosted by the server and only the interaction between each player individually uses p2p.

    Does it happens only today? The server can be laggy at times. Otherwise if it is just you it is probably connection problem. Make sure s4client.exe is added as exception to your firewall.