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    please login reward event like 1 hours or 2 hours playing games not for " ONE MODES" but "ALL MODES"

    Yeah. At least it will have chances for people actually playing.

    I am all for encouraging the play of other modes and maps but this type of even is not going to work for those.

    April is already over btw.

    It's the most liked community event, because it's the only ingame event that still exists in this game, because you can't really do much else anymore.

    Sadly. But still, we haven seen even this one in a while. They used to be every 2nd week or something.

    Well I don't really remember what was the case but considering the bomb is 130 dmg and it was the max at that time it wouldn't make much sense the rail gun to be just 1 more.

    Whatever the case is, it won't do much of a difference anyway. Maybe it was 131 to secure a kill with the old stats but it doesn't matter anymore since nowadays everyone is with 140-170 HP (and even with 140 I still get 1hkod by it at times)

    • Damage: 36 → 18 → 36
    • Damage (Full Charged): 131 → 76 → 130
    • Magazine: 4 → 8 → 4
    • Reload Amount: 1 → 2 → 1
    • FOV: 15 → 25 → 15
    • Delay Time: 1 sec. → 0.65 sec. → 1 sec.
    • CRIT chance on Full Charge (Body Hit): 0% → 30% → 0%

    As far as I know is.

    The base weapon is +0 stat. The shop weapons have Attack+1

    Oh, I guess you're triggered? How is anything I said stupid there? There are a lot of softwares that you can still macro with also. Keep your stupid white knighting for yourself, random. Also, telling the stuff I don't like in current S4L is crying and I should be gone? No wonder why this game doesn't have any new players then, drown in your ego.

    Yup, It's still better than before but there are still people that uses macros.

    Yeah, I noticed that but I still don't like how a fp cs tickles people, or how broken SD's damage is. Also yeah, screw bombs.

    Well, the CS damage was nerfed ages ago and mostly because people were complaining about it. The revenge is still very strong ability which makes the CS still a must have in sword only mode even if it just for that.

    Macros don't get blocked by EAC. Most gaming mice and keyboards have their own software, which allows you to remap keys or assign macros. They don't get blocked at all.

    I have seen few known macroers stopped using them after eac got added. Even if it doesn't get rid of all, it should still be better than before.

    EAC seems to be blocking most of the macros so idk what you are even talking about.

    The only OP weapons right now are the bombs, iron boots and the heals. All other weapons are equally valuable for the most part.

    Swords only is pretty much "cpd no f" rooms so the only weapon used there are CS, PS and SD anyway.

    those are some tough conditions to be met every match ;s

    also the one thing that i still dont get is how some people are not affected by it

    They don't meet the conditions. Also it works both way so you don't really want to be affected by it.

    okay thanks for that solution.

    I'll try it again later and see if there is any change this time around!


    So basically:

    -create a room

    -wait for it to get filled

    -wait for everyone to press "ready"

    -start the match

    -make sure no one joins if someone has left

    hmm i've just played a match where i started like that (3v3) and nobody but me had the bug.

    also one guy left mid match and somebody else joined

    maybe I dont fully understand what you mean

    You have to be in the room ready before the match starts and so does everyone else.

    Give us the choice of using or not using the forum emotes. One can't even do a useful description of gameplay without having to rip the own text to pieces

    - -

    Or just change their names to something less common.

    It was an improvement? Why not just make 1 or 2 big servers then? In times where LAT players got unbanned, Asians and Arabs etc are around distance lag is actually a huge problem... but yeah lets just remove the region names just so we can pretend we expanded the Lore and something big is on the way...

    Everyone plays in the most populated server. There is no reason to have them separated.

    I prefer a light theme. While you're at it, fix the costum designs so that they're usable. And also pls highlight hyperlinks.

    This too.

    Another ingenious idea from Aeria to make S4 a better game, renaming the servers, renaming gamemodes and now changing the look of the forums. They never fail to satisfy us players! Truely the best company ever.

    renaming the servers was an improvement imo. less ppl scattered around empty servers. Also the forum really doesn't look that great atm.

    I am for a light theme. It fits the game better from its early days when it was more bright and colorful. Also I prefer light themes in general.

    Also if we get a new theme it better be just one type so the colored text can appear the same no matter which one is used.

    The ability to ignore certain threads so that they don't show up on "unread" - looking at you, counting-thread.

    And also add notifications for when a new thread is created while there are no new posts in it yet.

    Found out the railgun is finally being fixed, whereupon I Join game and immediately crash when joining a room.

    Its like dealing with Windows updates with you guys sometimes.

    Exit the server and enter in it again before playing your first match. This will prevent you from crashing until you exit the game.

    Yes. I was asking for this since the limits were added.

    It is pretty silly having to filter by swords and to scroll down just find the unlimited rooms. No wonder no one wants to play unlimited considering even the menus are discouraging it.

    Don't think so unless you provide the information that they ask.

    Everyone can see the ign, items and the ap of someone in a screenshot/video and then say it is his.

    Your other option is to start a new account.

    hope this gets pinned or it'll just die

    pinned for what? it is just a suggestion. if you have actually made a wikipedia, that would be worth pinning.

    I know but it's been 8years 10years idk ppl don't have patience anymore plus it would be nice if we didnt get new bugs with every new patch

    It is s4. It always have bugs.