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    Well, I created this theme to know how was your story inside the game, how you met this wonderful game. Without more anything to say let's start.

    Game for many years, I started playing when there was still Alaplaya, I knew this game through advertising, I found it very interesting so I started looking for videos on YouTube and since the trailer and some Gameplay I fell in love with this game.

    I met incredible people in the game that until now we have contact through social networks, since I started to play I was excited was so much so that I spent hours and hours playing did not tire me.

    With the passage of time I was integrating the community, knowing some other flaws of the game, to be very social around here, well I have always liked the forums, because I like to share new things.

    And so it was happening until today and I hope to continue until the game closes, I must emphasize that I was also a player of the S4 Latino but unfortunately it was closed.

    Now I want to know their stories, I want to read them.

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