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    Ingame name: Yae3

    Valentine for: .Dulce.


    I hope you like it, I did it with a lot of love, love and time. <3<3<3:!:

    Se los dedico tambien a la comunidad latina, para que se animen a participar~~ <3Alice5

    If there was a bug in the daily missions, you should have informed and helped the S4 community to correct and improve the gaming experience.

    But for you it is better that they give you many things and it is the worst that they do not give you anything.

    You complain about the error that since a principle was caused by the "bug" that you already mentioned.

    Now I do not think the post is necessary, that you complain because there are no prizes, because your argument loses its meaning.

    Do not help, or let them help Alice3

    Mi Ingles es muy basico, perdon si no todo es comprensible.. jeje Alice2

    I hope I solve it soon, I lost many rewards. It is very sad to see the completed ones and not get them.:(