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    This event doesn't sound right...
    You made this event for personal purpose?

    I know people are free to do what they want with this,

    but you are using your power here in the wrong way (this time).

    I hope you understand that I don't want to attack you, but just letting you know how I think about it.
    And hopefully this doesn't happen again.

    So basically you say that Forum Background contest, Costume Contest, Forum emoji contest and others events are power abuse too? :/ And If I, as the player, would create a similar event for myself and I would give out some prices for it, would I abuse my power (which are zero) too? :/:/

    Where did they say in the description of the challenge that it was a test

    And where did they say in the description of the challenge that it was going to continue right the next week? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Look, I get your point, but you have to admit that you expect too much from them atm. They are making regularly forum events, almost regularly weekend events. They just have so much to do right now and plus they need to think of the challenges for the future.

    nuuuuuuuuuuu, but it's still counted as an attempt for the 50k pen, isn t it? ;c

    They may not disqualify you but if you will not change the size, you will be in a huge disadvantage because he will not be able to choose any of your submission for the first place. But if you are aiming just for the 50k pen, then I don't know. whitecatYou still have alot of time to change the size though ;o

    Azuire Please do not double-triple post. Use the edit button and put all the quotes in one post. And yes, they said it was just a test. I didn't make up the text from Scragger.

    Dont forged that the forum signature may not exceed the size of 700x200 pixels and a file size of 120kb. I did not check it but I am pretty sure some of your pictures are too big.

    can i asking if i play today 3 hour and will give me gift this
    9x Random Costume Capsules + 90K PEN + 30K Pen

    It lasts the whole weekend. Does not matter how many hours you will play in each day. Only 3 hours count. And its +10K pen, not 30k

    Did you try to log out and log in again? Or tried it on different account? It must be some kind of a bug because for me it is working fine.

    Idk why i didn't expect this to turn into an IP ban discussion xD

    Don't worry. There is always someone that changes the topic to something else. Most of the time someone comes to complain about the IP ban. You will get used to it on the forum soon Foxtailgirl

    Not gonna open the game to 300ms people, surely some of them want to get kicked out of rooms so they can have a reason to complain about in the forums

    Ikr but it will happen one day. Somehow I was kinda happy abit that they IP banned them. They still were in the EU servers no matter how far away they were and no matter how high ping they had. It was so annoying to play against laggers/spikers most of the time.

    Took me alot of courage and some time to get throught this text but I managed to read it all. Somehow ...

    And yet I am sitting here and wondering why I don't get the point of this thread.

    The things you wrote ... Everybody knows this. Aeria knows this but I can see that you blame the publishers for this. (or you don't as you wrote, whatever)

    Do you realize that Aeria just took over the development and that the game had different developers untill now? You can't expect changes in one week. Or in one month. The game will gain new players, the game will move forward, There will be events, there will be new maps, new seasons, new content, they just can't do it from one day to another.

    I believe, Aeria as a publisher and developer at the same time, will do the best to make the game good and fun as it was an years ago.

    Very interesting drawing style. Some of them look alright and some of them looks great. I like the third one the most for now Catfumbiemoji

    Looking forward for your next work.

    Could be something done with the spam even though the threads are deleted? I believe no one really enjoys searching for other (non-spammy) threads between this mess.

    Also what about some spam protection? For example: Being able to create threads after X hours/days from the account creation? Or maybe accounts without an avatar should not be able to create threads? (It is really easy, quick and simple to put an avatar so every human being could do that in few seconds...)


    Then what is the point of even having a threads like this if it is going to be locked after 1 replay?

    Still breaks the forum rules. We need to keep it alive or it will get new threads every 60 days.

    ikr capsules sucks.. Bought 100 vital claw and only got 1, 50 Blue Lucifer got nothing, bought 50 more and got 3 both with 2x boosters. Bought 83 Binary Sigma Blade and got 0 with 1.5x boosters and then tried my capsules which didnt have as many, I opened 38 Binary Twinblade, 30 Wind Blades twinblades, 40 Tactical Assault Rifle (i think they are called), 45 Piranha Rifle and got at least one.. Feels like everytime i buy many the chances are incredibly low (with 1.5x boosters)

    That is why you should not open capsules untill you have x3 (or higher) booster. 1,5x and 2x booster is nothing. And you need to be very lucky to get something perm. Everytime I had higher than 3x booster, I got everything i wanted. (Although I remember when I had 5x booster, I think the booster was bugged because out of many capsules I got nothing xD)