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    They will pick the winners on 20/10/2018 basically 3 days later

    I highly doubt that. They never choose winners right the day the contest ends.

    Also even tho I wanted to join, I am skipping all the drawing contests until I buy a tablet or something because I don't have enough of patience to draw with a mouse (:

    I'm probably getting old ...

    Voar  Since no one has the courage to ask you, then I will be the bad one for now (as always).

    Do you know that you can have 3 quotes in one post instead using one quote in one post (taken as spamming)?

    Plus using edit button is sometimes helpful too.

    Have a nice day.

    Has been suggested many times.

    It's something that should've been in the game since the beginning. I don't know why people should spend 30 minutes just opening their capsules.

    That's why I have hundreds of capsules in my inventory, because I just DONT HAVE the free time to open it. (I will rather play something else instead of opening capsules. Thanks but no thanks ..)

    Since I don't want this thread to get closed due to inactivity, then I am gonna give you a hint on the cosplay I am working on right now. I wonder if you can find out who it will be :/

    Btw: Ignore the Mercy costume under the hoodie.

    Btw2: More photos comming soon.

    False. I know very well why I am still around.

    The next person dislikes the new Birthday S4 event.

    nope..nor did I care enough to know who you are.

    I was pretty much going to answer the same, but I didn't want to sound rude so I waited for someone to do it for me. Thank you so much

    that is why they have not yet removed the block ip, because the current players themselves do not want us in the game, the reason I do not know, but instead of helping us to remove the block ip supporting us prefer to criticize us and judge us as we did not have the right to play too and they prefer it to continue like this, but they did not realize that if it continues then the game dies because this game with only the base player that is going to die is unavoidable in a maximum of 1 year, but you do not realize it and continues to criticize us for claiming to want to play on the server.

    Wait, what are you talking about? Criticizing you? Where?

    You seem not to understand mine and Shanics point.

    So just to make things clear between us. Do you realize that the second side of the "contract" I talked about, I didnt mean current players, right? :/

    I just want to know when they are going to remove the block ip from the Latin region, just let us know of a date or at least one for example (in a maximum of 2-3 months) say something concrete nothing like "soon" please. I've been waiting angrily for 6 months and so far nothing.


    If you have a contract. Tell me, how many sides does the contract has? And how many signatures does it need?

    Just an example that not everything is one sided.

    Because the artists are not the ones handling the tech stuff?

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    Should be written with the largest font size so everyone would notice it.

    Good morning. Wake up people.

    I'm already playing private servers cause they really add stuff that the community wants.

    Its casual players like these forums that actually have no idea what the game actually needs. Only competitive players really know whats good for the game.

    You guys are part of the reason this game is dead like it is now.

    So players that dont tryhard are the cause of the state the game is in right now? :/

    Wow, its easier to put the blame on others instead yourself, right? ;)

    If I think of it, then it will be really better for everyone if you will stay in those pservers where you are.

    If you have read the main topic , you will understand that iam talking about current developers who heiliger have mentioned them in the pictures which you didn't even read or check :)

    Do you realize that the current developers is Aeria now? Opheliafacepalm

    if you can read what I have said above , you will notice that I didn't mention aeria :)

    Then explain me, who are you talking about then? The old devs?

    -If they are focusing on the security ,I wouldn't have been able to join with VPN or my country got unbanned

    -if they are focusing on game stability , they wouldn't have banned many countries

    -if they are focusing on connection , I wouldn't have got connection has been terminated every 10-15min.

    I think you stil dont understand what you are talking about. Aeria isnt the one, that banned the countries so please learn the difference between DEVELOPERS and PUBLISHERS okai? Aeria was just a publisher till few months ago and it is not on their head all this mess the game is in right now.

    of course I saw huge progress during the past years

    -Many countries weren't banned

    -No lag no connection problems

    -new season every 2-3 months from season 1 to Neo

    Tell me how long do we have the curent season? 4 or 5 years? Yea, that is really a progress :))

    If old developers better than current ones and have more knowledge as newt mentioned above , the game won't stagnate

    Did you see any progress during the past years? No? Then there is your answer. Old developers don't care about the game, so no, we don't want them back.

    It is funny how some people still think that Egypt is banned due to some players hacking. I dont know who told you that but you shouldnt believe everyone. Opheliafacepalm

    Yesterday I spent 430k PEN on enchanting these chips. I didn't even get one Lv. 5 chip. Very frustrating. .-.

    I remember the very first one esper chip set I tried to enchant took me 800k pen for each lvl 5. :S and then someone told me they got all of them for 400k pen. I think I quited the game in my mind that time.

    If I think of it. Why dont we have a links to a support team here on the forum aswell? I think there is many players out there that dont know where to find it or where to send a tickets. Heiliger