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    i have a problem whit the game, it's stuck in this screen and take more than 3 minutes to load, when it load, appear "conection whit the game server has been terminated"

    i don't know how to use the dammit booster to fix it, how i fix it

    So I've noticed yet another issue thats been around, older computers cannot run the game, even though the game is not really designed to be ran by the newest most well-performing computers out there. Ive got a good computer that opens s4 pretty quickly but once in a while I move cities for a few days where I use an older laptop, the other day I tried running S4 on my older laptop and it kept disconnecting me after the loading screen.

    Did anyone from the s4 staff ever thought that this is going to make a lot of people quit since lots of them still play s4 because their PC's might be not that new. How are you going to have a game that does not require the latest GPU and CPU, yet get it to disconnect after the loading screen?

    UPDATE WITH SOLUTION: For the people that have sht PC's and cannot run s4 because they get the disconnected message, Download Razer Game Booster and start s4 with this program, it should help and you wont be getting that message when you start the game!

    how do i use s4 whit this program? i don´t know what to add, the patcher or the client