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    In 2011 i was observing a friend playing a 5v5 clanwar in unlimited. It was really cool. So i decided to try it out too. Well i

    wasn't really good at the game, and i still believe i'm not really good. Well, in my first unlimited td and dm games i over used my Plasma Sword (righ click only) so i was an easy target for revolver players.

    You know, I also don't like dealing with weapons that I consider OP but I still allow them in my rooms cuz they are still part of the game. Sometimes you just have to deal with it until the devs decide it to change it.

    I agree with that. If you dislike a specific weapon that somebody is using as example lets say railgun , take shield skill to counter it out, or go invade from longway.. I think banning weapons in the room is not the correct way to deal with it, since every weapon is part of the game, and everyone should be allowed to use his weapon equip as he wants to.

    Edit: I think we shouldn't discuss about banning or limitating weapons in our rooms, etc in this thread since this is the PM Letter May. We could discuss that on the Feedback Weapon thread..

    My patcher also doesn't work

    So what's happening when you try to patch the game? Is the same problem appearing? (code6 error?)
    If you tried everything and nothing worked, you also can checkout your private messages. I'm giving you Heiliger s folder, he helped me also when i had a similiar problem.

    Hi whoever will read my introduction text. I thought i gonna introduce myself aswell. Some of you probably know me from the old days, like before everything became darker and stronger(Season 1)... I'm Michi : ) Hm, about my special memories i can say it was always fun to play Touchdown or any other mode with people like Donee, Annedroid ,Arietty and Mishi together!!

    I wasn't that activ on forums back in the past, since i was new to the game and i just wanted to explore everything. I still remember when Spy Dagger, Homing and Air Gun got released, on the first day when i started to play, and of course not that much sword only rooms exist there ^_^ but so many unlimited rooms.
    About tournaments my first one where i participated and reached finals was in 2012. It was called Sniping Cats & Mice.

    What happend if you try to press on back or on proceed? Otherwhise you also could try to use an alternate browser.

    Wouldn't it actually better to direct message a Game Master, or a Community Manager? I mean with this thread you are showing bugs to the community which eventually could be abused ingame.

    Depending on the game mode, i would say that swords player are using in Touch Down: Counter Sword, Plasma Sword, Spy Dagger, Bat.

    On Death match it's switching between weapons like Metallic Fist, Exo Scythe, Breaker. In other modes like Siege it's getting mixxed up with that buildings.

    Unlimited: Well we have to make a difference here. You cannot compare the popularity of some weapons in two different game modes. Swords only mode is a little bit different as the unlimited mode. Before Rail Gun got buffed i saw people playing Spark / Homing.

    However i would say that in Unlimited weapons like Spy Dagger, Smash, Assault Revo are being used all the time, but again not from everyone. Some players preferr to take snipe weapons cause it's easier to hit something with that.

    Hi, i thought i'm gonna make some suggestions regarding some weapons and about one skill. I'm sure that some people mentioned some weapon rebalance/buffs in this thread, already. But well everyone has a different opinion about that.

    Weapon : Boots (Nerf)
    Reason: Boots shouldn't be the fastest weapon in unlimited, and also in DM it's, way too strong in combination with exo scythe / breaker.
    Suggestion: Reduce the speed of this weapon, and also the critical dmg of this weapon. You could maybe add the old boots combination to make boots more attractiv again.

    Weapon: Railgun. (Nerf)
    Reason: The snipe weapon was already annoying enough back in the old days. Nowdays if you play Chaser unlimited, it's impossible to get out of the snipe spam.
    Suggestion: Decrease the hitbox and remove the push back from the left click / slow down effect.

    Weapon : Mind Shock / Mind Energy (Nerf)

    Reason: In 2011 both weapons were not that much overpowered. I'm talking about the attack speed of these weapons. Too fast, not competitive and the speed is not really fitting for a weapon with unlimited ammo.
    Suggestion: Give Mind Shock and Mind Energy the old attack speed, OR make it with limited ammo like it has in arcade.

    Weapon : Gauss Rifle the regular one, not the MK version. (Nerf)

    Reason : This weapon is too strong. Sure the spray is really annoying and it's pretty hard to aim with it. But I did the expierience that i can 1 or 2hit with that weapon. It doesn't matter where i stay. The range dmg is always the same for me, (probably because i have max dmg / crit enchants and red esper chips on my set)

    Suggestion: Gauss Rifle should do less dmg with critical, since it's to op from distance, but again this depends on the user of this weapon.

    Weapon : Mine Gun (Nerf)

    Reason : I collected a lot of expirience. with playing mine gun as my main build in several s5 tournaments and clanwars over the years, so i think i can give a good suggestion for this weapon.

    Suggestion: Mine Gun Bombs shouldn't explode faster, they should be able to make some dmg on your team mates. I mean it's a explosive bomb right? Why is mine gun not doing any dmg to your team mates like the earth or light bomb does?

    Other suggestions which came into my mind when i started to think about rebalancing things.
    ( i know that's only a weapon feedback thread, but it's still a suggestion :) )
    Buff : Metallic (Balance)
    Reason: This Skill should actually reflect the DMG for a period of time while ur inside in metallic.
    Well however, the metallic skill cannot reflect the eSper level 5 skills. (Red & Orange Esper) You can kill the player with the red esper chip, and the orange one is just stealing the whole SP. The same thing with the MK2 Bomb, it's stealing the whole SP, shouldn't it reflect the dmg and ignore the effect of sp consuming?