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    I literally can't play.I crashed right at the start of a game six times in a row. Is there anything I can do to reduce the likelihood of a crash?

    For me it gets better after rebooting the computer. Other workarounds that have been suggested are playing one stage of Scenario Arcade or creating a new room and leaving it. It also helps to avoid joining games that have already been started (but this does not apply for you).

    Heiliger was faster :(

    Aeria took over S4 in 2014. Back then you had to migrate your account to Aeria Games.

    In case you did not migrate the account you can no longer use it. Moreover, account migration is no longer possible because they don't have the data anymore.

    So I guess the only way for you to play S4 is creating a new account.

    Thank you for your feedback. Seems like I got a few things wrong regarding the topic or on how the game itself works.

    Sometimes the laggs are a bit annoying but as you said, there is not much that can be done in order to improve the situation (which is already a lot better than years ago). Since there is no more to say about the topic I guess it can be closed.


    for some time I meet more lagging players than ever before. I also tested my connection and so on to make sure it's not an issue on my side.

    I also asked the lagging players from where they are playing and most were playing from countries far away from the EU.

    So I think it is related to the IP bans that were lifted not that long ago.

    However players with a really high ping has advantages (which are issues for players from the EU) we all know about. So I made a list of ideas how this issue could be mitigated (whithout having to reintroduce IP bans):

    • Set a ping limit: there are people who sometimes have delays bigger than 2 seconds. Even if you're living far away this is proably not possible if you have a decent internet connection. We need a limit here and everyone who exceeds it needs to be kicked from the server with a message "Your internet is too slow". This limit could be set so something around 500 ms I think
    • Change range for swords: the effect everyone sees is that lagging players have a higher range. So I guess this can be changed by decreasing the range based on the internet speed (or slowness). E.g. like normal range up to 100 ms and for 200% * 100 ms the range * 1/2 and for 300% * 100 ms the range is 1/3 and so on.
    • Change pattern for guns: making the spray more random for lagging players is not the best solution I think but maybe someone has a better idea.

    If someone has better ideas please let me know :)



    rewards are given af the end of the month? thanks for answering my question btw

    It is written in the participation rules: the rewards will be sent out within one week after the event ended. So not at the end of the month but one week after that.

    They will also announce it when they sent out the rewards.

    I would be willing to help creating/updating a wiki.

    I'm also a bit experienced in this:

    When I went to school I was in the group that created the school newspaper.

    I was responsible for the layout but also attended some writing courses.

    However, as Empress said, it is necessary to get more details about the game.

    It would be cool if the staff would help us to get some further information.

    Concerning the displayed damage value, the value displayed in the stats are not correct I think. Somewhen glitch.exe said that the actual damage is being calculated in the code of the game. Tbh I don't know more about it, maybe he can tell us some details here.

    I also remember there was a time when S4 was being advertized in the TV but I guess they stopped doing that years ago.

    By the way, alaplaya/P7S1 games owned a German TV channel so they probably could advertize the game there for free or a pretty low cost.
    As already mentioned many people don't watch as much TV nowadays as they did years ago.

    But aeria could go with the trend and advertize S4 on platforms that are more popular today like YouTube or twitch.

    I agree on the statement saying the GUI should be reworked but fixing the bugs has a higher priority I guess.

    Most people say they liked the beta GUI the most. So it might should look similar to it having this blue background with the hexagons.

    Concerning the pay2win issue I think it already improved by giving out free permanent FP sets and adding the new mission system but there should be done more.

    For example 100% boosters could be included into the Level 20/40 caps or the stats of the pen shop could be buffed a bit (like Attack +4% as S4KR had it).

    But I think aeria already tries to work with the feedback we give and gave them but as Hella already pointed out it is hard to work with the code someone else wrote. Moreover I guess there is a lot spaghetti code or bad documented code. So the devs need some time to figure out which part of the code does what and doing this takes some time. This might also causes some unforseen bugs.

    Tbh I'm already happy with the development we had during the last two weeks.

    I have the impression that not only the join lag became worse after the patch. I even get fps drops when a player leaves the game.

    Yesterday I practiced some jumps and we had to set a password because otherwise the fps drops were way too heavy to practice properly.

    In my opinion the old texture loading model (from the 2d lobby where textures were preloaded instead of being loaded when a player joined a game that already started) really needs to be brought back.

    Moreover the crashes when leaving a room should be fixed soon as well cause it really is annoying to be kicked out of the game when leaving after a match.

    But I'm already happy we got some bugfixes during the last weeks, still better than no development.

    It could be done by disallowing to create a new room when there is an existing one having the same mode, map and weapon limitations. However I don't really know how to deal with the time limit. Allowing different time limits will result in multiple open rooms but disallowing them means people who don't have so much time can not play (or at least don't get rewarded).

    Moreover we would need an option for a jump room so that they can exist beside the play rooms.

    This could only be done by disabling custom room names and making a "Jump" option next to the fm option but then custom weapon limitations would be impossible as well. So this only would work if all weapons would be accepted. And I'm afraid this will never be the case even if there were balancing patches.

    But at least the entry lags could be fixed by preloading all textures.

    The only system that 'could' work would be giving some extra pen or exp (like an additional pen/exp + 30% buff) if the room is full when the match starts and nobody leaves during the match. But that would very likely only work if different time limits are allowed.

    Well.. that's nice.

    However the servers are pretty unstable currently and the keys are still changed.

    Moreover the new bugs are a bit anoying imo.

    I hope it will be fixed soon.

    But I'm glad to see a development after one year passed without new ingame content.

    Somehow i was able to receive all the rewards while being in the inventory so try urself

    Open ur inventory open Mission tab and claim the rewards

    I tried this for me today and I only got the first reward. Seems like this does not always work.

    Mind Shock/ Mind Heal [Balance]

    Pulse Rate Change [Revert to old please]

    Ammo Change, [From 30 to INF]

    Add a SP cost per pulse to both weapons; [Somewhere between 10 ~ 20 SP per pulse]

    (This way, although they'd have infinite ammo, they will be vulnerable if they rely on either of these two weapons too much).

    I have to admit that this idea is way better than mine and I support this suggestion

    I'm not a staff member, have never been one nor do I have plans to become one.

    I do not see a reason why only staff members would write the way I do.

    Even staff members posts don't always contain valid arguments ^^

    My Question why hasnt it been done Yet? I am pretty sure it is not that hard to change the server size from 400 to something around 1000... you guys do every possible thing to make this community more scarce that it already is.

    Please read what Nekkles and I wrote.

    Decreasing the server side actually solved some technical issues I think. At least the servers were more stable afterwards. This is easy to see as every player slot now has more resources.

    And yes, I'd like to have more slots as well. But if the game was more advertised the player count would increase. Then the second server might be full as well. The main issue is you always have to set a limit somewhere. So if we had more players we would complain about another limit.

    Good Suggestion, sadly it seems like it had been ignored

    I would not say it was ignored just because Nothing changes during two weeks.

    The new restriction might have technical reasons.

    We got EAC which takes server resources and the lags might decrease a bit when there are less people playing on one server.

    According to glitch.exe the hardware was not changed.

    But at least the channel size should be adjusted.

    I'd also prefer relative numbers for the label that is displaying the count of connected players.

    pretty sure one of the cm/gm said this before but its only 1 server split into a few its segregation of 1 server

    That actually does not matter. Aeria switched to virtual servers a while ago, so there are probably even other games running on the same dedicated server s4 runs on. Each server (be it virtual or dedicated) needs resources that probably could be used for other purposes. Meaning they could invest the unneeded resources otherwere.

    On the other side it's suddently it's cheap af.. what's the reason in this change of pricing?

    I'm a bit scared.. scared of this could be one of Aeria's attempts to make easy money before dropping the game?

    I hope not.

    Tbh I don't think that S4 will close soon.

    There are still ways to for aeria to save money if needed:

    • Close down unused servers: We have five game servers and three of them run all the time without actually being used. So they just cost money without really serving a purpose
    • We have five or six (I don't know the exact number) community managers. This number could be decreased to one English CM if necessary (sorry for being that rude dear community managers). Paying people for their work is probably one of the more expensive spending if you look at where the money goes
    • Changing to a cheap anti-cheat system. EAC is probably one of the most expensive solution here. Switching to a cheaper one would save money (but also bring back more cheaters)

    Moreover I think they are still a part of ProSiebenSat.1 Media. This company also has a TV channel that is watched by tens of thousands younger people in German-speaking countries every day. Back in the days S4 was advertised there, so if they could probably still advertise there for free or a decent cost.

    I like the idea behind Arena.

    As hella already pointed out, most of the time while playing Arena, you're doing nothing.

    Maybe this mode could be improved by making parallel matches, so that each player from team alpha plays against a alayer from beta at the same time.

    This would reduce the waiting time.

    lets be real here. Who drops money on timed items when they are just starting the game? I am not sure for how long the MMO Bomb promo will be around but at least new accounts can start with a perm FP set with it.

    But I agree there should be some form of being able to play with no stats either through a channel or by room options (even if it is not used).

    Maybe I wasn't clear enough there, I meant These Esper Chips to be bought with pen, not real money.

    I sometimes played with pen items recently cause I wanted to see the Imbalance between pen and ap stats.

    Tbh I have to say that skill matters more than stats. However it would be better for newer players to have buffed pen items because they do not have the skill they need to deal with ap players.

    In the shop there are several beginner sets with buffed stats that are low-priced. Moreover they are buffed and can only be bought by players under Level 5.

    My suggestion would be to add some specia time-based l Esper Chips (Atk + 5 for weapons, HP + 3 for gloves and shoes and so on) to the pen shop that can only be bought from players under Level 25 (e.g.). They must not be sold for ap and players with higher levels, cause that would change nothing.

    You could also make an "all stats disabled" channel but that might be difficult because if everyone plays there noone sees a need to buy ap. And AP (if loved or hated) are what keeps the game alive.

    They probably can't do it(revert it to its previous form) else they would have done it already. Everyone knows about the RG issue bro, even the people who don't play are aware.

    All you can do is hope & wait that they do something.

    Why shouldn't they be able to revert it? Every bigger software project uses a version control system. And these systems provide easy methods to revert former changes.

    I think that RG does not have the highest priority now. Moreover I think we need a real rebalancing and not just a rg change cause dagger and bombs are op, too (in my opinion).

    Also we need a rebalancing between pen and ap stats (even if it will never happen). Here I'd suggest to make it at least possible to buy perm +10 weapons in the pen shop. Or give new players the blake/emily sets in the reward for levelup to level 1 (cause the mmo bomb event will end somewhen and not everyone knows about it) so they are not one-hitted when they have to play in the free channel but that is another topic

    But as unlimited player I'd like to see the old rg, too. The new one is just annoying cause it literally has auto-aim and no cooldown.

    If you're getting hit once you almost have no chance to escape cause your movement is slowed down (if you don't use skills like shield, block or metallic that can block further attacks).


    you can find some images in the attachment.

    Some more Images:

    I already set the textures quality to "High" in the game settings and I also activated some extra options in the settings for my graphic card.


    I'd like to make a suggestion concerning the graphics of the game.

    I know replacing all textures by new ones with higher resolutions is very unlikely (even if it would be nice:Fumbi2:) so I will focus on the most pixelated ones:

    • Loading screens (Game and Modes) : they loook blurry on newer screens with higher resolutions. Moreover the text written in the lower part says "all rights resetved" instead of "all rights reserved".
    • Letters: some textures look even pixelated in lower resolutions like the one used for displaying "WARNING" in Chaser mode, as well as the ones displaying the current's game state
    • Many graphics used for displaying the lobby look pixelated on higher resolutions.

    Concernig the screen resolution: I'm playing in 4K, so in lower resolutions it's not that pixelated.

    Note: I know how to change the graphics settings in the settings of my gpu driver. However the textures mentioned above still don't look much better.

    You could also let us design some textures like the loading screen by making drawing events.




    Hello there,

    the issue was related to a time difference between my computer and the game server.

    This time difference occured almost after every reboot because I have a Windows/Linux dual boot system.

    This seems to cause some time differences between the systems when booting from windows into linux or vice versa.

    A first mitigation is to set the time as according to the General technical issues guide.

    However this needs to be done after each reboot.

    Later on I found a site which contains information on how to solve this issue permanently.

    You can find it here.


    when starting S4 I get the "Connection with the game server has been terminated" error.

    Am I the only one facing this issue or is this a general problem?

    Is there anyone who has an idea on how to solve the issue?

    I already reinstalled the game and closed all other programs when the game is running but without success.

    I am using Windows 10.

    I hope there is someone who can help me.

    Edit: I found a solution that works for me. No further help needed for now.