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    That's personal, And i talked about the others not myself mr stalker ;), Also be SpEciFiC about u want to discuss here or 'expose' U said free things now u said ap shop, but lmk wut been looking for when u saw that AP Shop :bigthink:

    I can explain to you what i was doing in these little steps :

    1. I was looking for your hacks

    2. I was gonna use them

    3. I was gonna get banned

    4. I was gonna come to the forum to complain that my account got banned and probably send an apology letter and that it should be unbanned because i'm terribly sorry for using them

    5. I was gonna be a hypocrite

    6. Heiliger is gonna delete my post

    7. Keep writing make S4 Great Again while you are screwing over Aeria selling AP to people and giving them hacks on elitepvp you cancerous mudslime

    8. Happy New Year and let this game live lots of years Aeria, I have faith in you.

    9. Bye

    Peace <3

    imo they need to reduce punishment of the "perm ban" and change it to something like 1 year ban. Because y'all know s4 community isn't a new user friendly, newbies are getting kick for no reasons, newbies can't enjoy the game if they are playing against 'high enchants' with their pen or normal fp stuff, they have low damage and low health. When i started S4 League in 2008 i searched up for hacks after losing a few games and i'm sure many of the players did the same even for a try. Aeria banned many players permanently over a small reason. I agree that even for a small reason they must be punished. but hey the game doesn't have millions of players to give a perm ban as a punishment. I would say adding different punishments according to what they did, is better than banning them permanently, You want them to learn from their mistake not to make them leave the game permanently.

    C'mon Voar just make some hack to unban yourself dude. Are your skills only good enough for exploiting Aeria's systems and create hacks to give people free things?