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    I tried every single trick Blank, GM Nekkles & Kaiz told me

    Hi Kyoel,

    does it also occur with a different account?

    A fix for this is still in development

    Yeah, i tried on my second account and i made a new one just to see and still got random crash

    Problem has been fixed.


    Mine is not fixed, i got some random crash since the last update, im gonna try to explain it: We got the "normal" crash we all use too, like DC, Time out, Crash after leave a room, Freez + crash, etc... The one i have since the last update is different. It can happen anytime, mostly i got it each 20min, but can happen 30s after i log, i open the windows process to saw one time if the game process still running after this crash ( like some of the other ) no it just close right away, i compare this crash to when you loose your electricity, when that happen everything just close in 0.1s, same for this crash. > Join another server and rejoin Neon after, Add S4 to the firewall, reinstall the game, new launcher, old launcher, try another account, restart the computer, clean the computer. Nothing work for me. Game still crashing everytime. If someone have another trick for me to try i'm up to, hmu on discord ( Kyoel#6074 ) or here.